5 fashion faux pas one can avoid

New Delhi: In an era where there are hardly any fashion rules and fashion is synonymous with comfort, one might easily cross the thin line between high fashion and pit falls.

Needless to say, effortless fashion looks are usually put together with precise thought and effort just like a nude makeup look.

Kunal Abhishek, CEO and Co Founder, BoStreet has shared some basic fashion boo boo’s you could skip.

1) Proportional imbalance:

While asymmetrical silhouettes, boyfriend tees/jeans and the like are the latest fads, let’s not be fashion victims here. It is important that you wear outfits according to your body shape. Say, if you want to play with a baggy look, make sure you balance the rest of the outfit with a fitted look. For example, pair that baggy wide legged denim with a fitted crop top, or a baggy sweater with pencil fit jeans.

2) Color balance:

As you experiment with various colors, you would know which suits you and your persona the most. Also, take help of the color wheel to balance out the colors of your outfit. Too many colors can ruin your outfit. Choose interesting combinations of colors, be it bold or pastels as per the occasion and place, and you will notice that it makes a huge difference in your overall look.

3) Accessorise adequately:

Too many accessories can ruin the charm of your outfit. Instead choose statement pieces that neither take away the charm of your outfit nor look dull. Sometimes chandelier earrings or a bold necklace or a unique cocktail ring can do wonders, which a complete set can’t.

4) Dress appropriately:

It’s true that everyone has a unique way to style their outfits on an everyday basis. While, we can always add a touch of our personal style in our outfits be it for office or for special occasions, ignoring the dress code is a faux pas. Read the room well before finalizing your outfit. Remember there are places where you’d rather mix with the crowd than stand out and make heads turn.

5) Crisp clothes:

It is undoubtedly the most common and the most avoidable fashion blunder. You may be wearing the trendiest shirt or the cutest flowy dress but if it’s wrinkled, it will lose its glamour. Crisp and well ironed clothes is a very minor detail but has a major impact on how people read you with them.

It’s time to ace up your fashion game by avoiding these five fashion mistakes.

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