A Georgia community mother who lost her belongings, started a career in a house fire

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Quyla Bohannon is a mom and spends most of her time helping hairless children feel beautiful.

“These are hair donations,” said Quyla Bohannon.

The bundles in front of her are full of hair, but for Kuila and the many children who depend on her, these bundles of hair represent hope.

“Life is very different now,” Bohannon said.

Kuila says that the house she grew up in recently caught fire.

“As soon as I got out on my front porch and ran through the door, the pressure of the house fire closed the door back and that’s when the windows and doors started exploding,” Bohannon said.

She runs her business from home, as well as her organization, Free Wigs 4 Kids.

“I make free wigs for children all over the world who suffer from medically induced hair loss,” Bohanen said.

On Tuesday morning we went through the wreckage as everything inside was mostly burnt and there wasn’t much to salvage.

The damage from the fire is weighing heavily on Kuyla’s mind.

“I had a big tank full of hair, donations, cards from people, some donors with cancer; They were adults, but before they passed, they wanted to see their hair donation go to a child. All those things are gone,” Bohannon said.

When people heard Quila’s story, they wanted to help. For many, this means donating hair, so Kuila could keep her company growing.

“I don’t know when, where or how I’m going to move forward, but I’m definitely going to continue doing Free Wigs 4 Kids,” Bohannon said.

Donate hair.

PO Box No. 904

Lithia Springs GA, 30122

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