Arby’s holds grand opening in Oroville


OROVILLE — A new Arby’s restaurant opened in Oroville Friday, July 15, after 40 years with no Arby’s for the people of Oroville.

The Arby’s is owned and operated by Fremont-based franchise group Kang Foods LLC, founded by brothers Anoop and Bikram Kang.

Decorated with a bunch of red and white balloons, the 2,300-square-foot restaurant was filled with people starting around 10:30 am. The double drive-through, unique to Arby’s, was packed to the gills.

Anoop Kang said a couple camped out overnight so they could be the very first customers of the new Arby’s. They were offered a free meal but insisted on being the first paying customers.

Anoop Kang said the restaurant started getting busy around 10:30 am Friday

“Everyone has been super friendly and excited,” said Anoop Kang. “People haven’t been to Arby’s in years.”

Employees trained at the Chico location in order to prepare for working in Oroville. The restaurant was slated to open in April, but there were supply chain issues.

“Things have gone smoothly as we opened,” Anoop Kang said. “Everyone was prepared.”

The restaurant was advertised on Facebook and the Oroville Chamber of Commerce helped promote it.

A black bell hangs near the front counter for customers to ring when they receive exceptional service. Red, a popular color in fast food restaurants, is featured all over the restaurant, on signs and chairs, for example.

“The color red signifies energy and excitement,” Kang said.

Red increases the pulse and heart rate and raises blood pressure. It increases the appetite by increasing metabolism, which is why red is a popular color in restaurants. It is active, aggressive and outspoken, according to

Red is the color most used by fast food chains, followed closely by yellow and orange. Yellow and orange are colors that make people feel hungry. The color red is associated with emotion and passion. So, when one sees red combined with yellow and orange, they become passionately hungry, according to

The Oroville Arby’s employs 40 employees, most of whom are full-time, working 35 to 40 hours a week.

Anoop Kang said the location is perfect as it is highly visible from the freeway and in a high-traffic area. It’s the first Arby’s to have a double drive-through, so more customers can be served.

The Arby’s has open paneling and is a prototype location. Carl’s Jr was there before, which shut down in 2016 or 2017.

Oroville hasn’t had an Arby’s for a long time, and everyone has been really excited. People traveled all the way to Chico to eat at Arby’s,” Kang said.

Arby’s is located at 680 Oro Dam Blvd. East and is open from 9 am to 11 pm every day.

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