Baby kangaroos visit health care workers on UPMC campuses.

Jeff Helsel / Front of the Mon Valley Independent Karen Mathie, a registered nurse, of Elizabeth holds her 6-month-old kangaroo (not yet named) and Leslie Denlinger, of Echo Technology, holds 9-month-old Isla. Check out more photos from the tour at A7. To purchase this photo and more from our online photo gallery, go to our website at

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“We’re bringing the outdoors to the ‘east (Pittsburgh) burbs,” said Dr. Dawn Klejka, looking at two nurses holding a baby kangaroo on UPMC’s McKeesport campus.
Staff members — and the occasional patient — from UPMC McKeesport lined up Wednesday afternoon to meet some of the joeys, Isla — a 9-month-old kangaroo and another 6-month-old and yet-to-be-named female.
Nurses, doctors, assistants, radiology department staff, building and grounds staff, UPMC police and others were given the opportunity to spend a few minutes holding the babies in backpacks. Since kangaroos are marsupials and Isla and the other joey are still young, the pouch is meant to mimic a mother kangaroo’s pouch.

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