Business up front, party in the back

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – A unique competition recognizing a unique hairstyle brings national attention to a Kansas teenager.

Describing the little town of Howard as sleepy would be an understatement, but big things are brewing in Howard, Kansas. Things that are capturing the attention of, not just a small town, but the world.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Business up front, party in the back?” Well, there’s a party going on at the Toon home. Trace Toon says he started growing his mullet in the 4th grade. He’s now 14 years old and celebrating a victory. He made it into the top 100 best teen mullets in the country, as voted on for the USA Mullet Championship.

For Trace’s mom Candy Toon, the idea to get her youngest son entered into the competition was a “no-brainer.” For Trace, it was a tougher decision. He’s a little shy and didn’t want the attention. He says it took four weeks to make the decision…and it was really his mom who made it.

“The cut off date was July 4 and it was July 3 and I was like, ‘you’re doing it’,” she said.

Like any good competitor, Trace knew the competition would be fierce.

“I think it’s pretty good compared to the others,” he said.

After all, only the best “parties in back” can take the top prize, but with the support of Howard behind him, Trace said he’s prepared to take on even the meanest mullets in the country. Asked if he doesn’t win the championship this year, Trace said he wouldn’t think twice about entering next year.

Shortly after learning he’d beat out more than 500 other contestants to get into the top 100, the Toon family found out Trace did not make it into the next round of ten. Still, they see it as an honor.

“It’s a very prestigious honor. To be so unique that people pick you for your hairstyle,” Trace’s mom said. “To have over 684 entries in the United States, to be picked in the top 100 is incredible.”

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