Carmel High School Senior Winner Fashion Design Blended Styles • Current Edition

It’s been a busy summer for Carmel High School’s Sanjana Jain, who won first place in the fashion design category at the annual Family, Work and Community Leaders American Leadership Conference in San Diego.

The Carmel senior was selected for the national competition in June and July after placing first in the state fashion design competition in Muncie. Her prize was a full-year scholarship to the Institute of Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Sanjana Jain models her award-winning bridal gown. (Photo courtesy of Sanjana Jain)

“I wore a scarlet pink 3-piece Lengha. This is what I want to wear to my wedding to represent both of my cultures because it embodies both my Indian and American aspects. It includes a red dress with a red lace overlay, a double layered lace and cotton long dress and a shuni with a lace edged chiffon.

The inspiration for the winning design came from the many weddings Jayne has attended and the realization that she wanted to integrate both of her cultures into her work.

“It took me two months to make and build this piece,” she said. “I was also at school during this time and I wanted all the details to be perfect.”

Jain called his competitive fashion line Amalgam, meaning a mix or blend.

“This word perfectly describes my fashion line because my line is about the fusion of American brides and grooms wear with traditional Indian wear.

When it was over, modeling was a dream come true.

“I walked away with more confidence than I had personally felt with everyone cheering and clapping,” Jain said. “There was a time when I felt ‘I did it.’ Walking up to the stage to receive the first place award was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt; As far as I know, I made my parents and the rest of my family proud at that time.

However, don’t expect to see the winning unit for sale.

“I’m not selling my clothes because they’re very special to me,” says Jane. But soon I will open my website where I will sell very similar clothes because it will be inspired by this fashion line I made in this competition.

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