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Neon. Rhinestones. Psychedelic designs. Ten models stand with their backs to the wall, uniformed in two-pieces in rainbow colors.

Emma Altman charged the barrel of her gun at New York Fashion Week for the eighth season, full of glitter and creative looks. The aftermath of the fight scene, print on print, lash on lash, was shown in Soho on September 10.

Altman partnered with Doors, an experiential fashion platform launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic, to stage her NYFW show at a pop-up location at 426 W Broadway.

“Grungecation,” her new collection, is inspired by the 90s grunge aesthetic, with a Y2K twist.

“It’s like a grange resort outfit. You can wear it on vacation while still maintaining that alternative look,” Altman told Ticker in an interview.

Mia Gindis

Altman is a fashion designer based in New York City. She is the brain behind Emma Altman Clothing, which she founded after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Her work has since appeared in publications such as Vogue, both Italian and English editions, Harper’s Bazaar, People Magazine and Gisele Magazine.

The company’s online boutique describes the brand’s core customers as “women who like to stand out in a crowd and attract attention.”

Mia Gindis

Altman describes clothing as a channel of empowerment. The boldness of her new line is reflected in the boldness of the spirit it wears.

“I’m inspired by music. I always find different generations that I’m inspired by,” she said.

Her latest collection features ten different designs, from a turquoise zebra print to a midi dress with ice cream and rainbow graphics to a shimmering, fairy-like lilac dress.

Mia Gindis

“I really like the turquoise look I did. I really pushed myself with the image and tried new things. But all the looks I really like. I’ve been playing around with a lot of patterns and prints,” Altman said when asked which look was her favorite.

Altman creates her own digital prints, which are included in a handful of episodes in “Grungecation.” The statement earrings hanging on each model’s ears are all resin cast and hand mixed.

all of them of AltmanS Products are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically assembled in the United States.Any shoes and sunglasses are not pictured. AltmanS designs

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