Esports Legend Gran Turismo Announces Partnership With Fashion Icon Dior

High fashion and racing games don’t mix? Think again. In a surprise announcement at the Gran Turismo World Series tournament in Salzburg, Austria yesterday, the world’s biggest-selling racing game maker Polyphony Digital revealed that it was partnering with luxury fashion brand Dior. And an integral part of that partnership includes a specially prepared De Tomaso Mangusta supercar. Check out the video below!

It’s the first ever virtual fashion project for Dior Couture, with the brand’s artistic director for men’s collections, Kim Jones, creating an exclusive new series of in-game items including a racing suit, helmet, gloves and shoes.

Using Gran Turismo’s industry-leading computer graphics, a World Series event presenter yesterday in Salzburg introduced an intricately edited video showing a driver avatar decked out in a bespoke Dior-designed yellow and gray race suit which features the Dior oblique pattern and a Christian Dior Atelier Avenue Montaigne logo — celebrating the 30 Avenue Montaigne address in Paris where Christian Dior first set up the design house.

That comes with matching gloves and special “Diorizon” shoes, also featuring the famous oblique pattern. The number 47 appears on the clothing too, marking Dior’s founding and first fashion show in 1947. Along with the clothing items, Polyphony also introduced a classic supercar that will become available in the Hagerty Collection Legends car dealer next month.

It’s a unique version of the De Tomaso Mangusta, first built in 1967, which also bears a subtle two-tone bespoke livery. Originally penned by legendary Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the De Tomaso is powered by a 4.9-liter Ford-sourced V8. The beige and gray car also sports the “47” number, as well as special Dior decals. These items will become available in the game on August 25, on which day we can expect a game update.

Gran Turismo other official partners include Toyota, Michelin, Mazda, Brembo, BBS, Sony Alpha and Genesis making the game not only the biggest-selling, with over 80 million copies sold since its 1997 launch, but firmly cementing it as the most high profile . And high fashion.

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