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I’ve played a lot of shooters in my day, but I’ve definitely never seen anything like it. Fashion police team. Trading the usual gore and gore, gore and dark themes we see in many shooters these days for a self-aware, reflective and accurate golf tone; Fashion police team It makes a big impression. As a member of the list Fashion police team (or FPS for short – pretty clever, right?), Sergeant Des is tasked with solving a variety of fashion crimes with incredibly useful and non-lethal weapons.

Fashion police team
The water is not deadly, of course!

Fashion police teama more casual boomer shooter

This is definitely a game that feels like old school boomer shooters. destruction or soon, EveningBut he emulates this style of play with his own flair. You’ll travel from level to level taking out various “fashion criminals” who are dressed in absurd and hideously ugly clothes. Unlike a lot of other shooters, your weapon is fairly limited, which by design and actually works pretty well. You see, every enemy entered Fashion police team He has one or two tools to deal with them, but if you use the wrong tool, it will have no effect. Often times, weapon switching in boomer shooters requires on-the-fly thinking to conserve ammo. Although there is no ammo in this game, you are still forced to move around and pick the right counter of enemies. This makes for some crazy and fast battles that honestly feel like fun Disaster 2016 And the sequel.

The tools of your trade are incredibly creative in concept, from shotguns to paint spray guns to needle-launching guns. Well, there’s the never-ending boatload of sock-stealing you can do to individuals wearing socks and shoes. But as I mentioned, this is a non-lethal weapon. You’re not blowing up enemies here; Instead, they’re correcting horrible fashion mistakes in a completely non-serious and funny way.

In many shooters, it’s the feedback from the weapons — the sound, impact and grunt — that makes these guns so satisfying. Fashion police team He still manages to find a way to make these guns feel powerful and satisfying to use. After customizing the criminal outfit, the sounds of your different weapons and the beautiful miniatures feel great. Threading a needle through baggy clothes seems akin to blasting some baddies with your favorite FPS machine gun.

Enemy diversity Fashion police team It will gradually increase as you go through each level. You’ll find businessmen in gray robes, villains in sackcloth, Karens in sackcloth, and a fire-swinging Guy Fieri doppleganger. And everything in between is beautiful. The speed in it Fashion police team Introduces enemies that keep you on your toes, and always add a lot to each combat encounter. Enemies are a lot of fun, and even when the problem with these enemies is simplistically wrong, it’s always a lot of fun.

Fashion police team
Crocs on the runway? It’s horrible!

Fashion police teamLevel design is sometimes very straightforward in nature. That’s a bit of a detriment to the game, as the missions feel like they’re holding your hand. Instead of colored keys or key cards in other shooters, colored scissors cut through the ribbon, essentially acting as locked doors. The game will direct you to the location of these scissors, which defeats the purpose of the key type items. The whole point of colored buttons in FPS games is to let players wander around, but that’s frustrating when you have a marker to tell you exactly where you are.

Although it’s sad to see how straightforward these steps can be, there are occasional exceptions; Fashion police team It mixes stage and action. In addition to impressive enemies in battle, Des is equipped with a belt that allows him to swing on poles like Spider-Man. When you can get through these parts at high speed, swinging around becomes a lot of fun. However, I’ve had some instances where broadcasting on stage just didn’t feel right and made quite a few desperate attempts to move forward.

There are also a few special combat experiences that rise to the top and add a lot of fun Fashion police team, although these parts may be short. At one point, I went up to the roof and shot the criminals while they went to a TV fashion show and fixed their wardrobes, messy hair and such. Another example put me in the machine gun seat while blasting fashion criminals in high-speed chases. There are quite a few wild creative boss battles throughout that require you to take full advantage of the game’s mechanics and add a few twists into the mix.

Fashion police team
What a strange adventure this game is.

Style of Fashion police team

A mix of old and new styles, Fashion police team It’s a pretty cool game in itself. Even though the environments are 3D, there’s no denying the background effects of pixelated building exteriors and other obstacles. Conversely, both Des’ weapons and enemies themselves are completely 2D, but they certainly breathe more life into the game. My one favorite enemy is the Karens, they are so animated you can’t help but laugh. You’ve got Karen’s signature walk — you know it when you see it — and that’s really the highlight of my experience Fashion police team.

Complementing the graphics is a super fun, retro soundtrack. It wouldn’t be out of place with the arcade machine speakers, or the slightly distorted, intentionally low-quality voices of your enemies. There’s an announcer that shouts out various fashion words as you defeat a fashion criminal, definitely adding to that overall retro-toy feel.

This is a game that places a greater emphasis on story than other shoots of this caliber. The story often breaks up the flow of combat, though there are some funny and humorous moments filled with fashion and costume-centric phrases. It seems like after every relationship there are certain lines of dialogue from Des and his partner or other characters in the story. Whenever these chat speeds come up, it stops you in place and won’t let you move. While many of the later fights are challenging and action-packed, the dialogue immediately drains all the adrenaline out of my system.

Fashion police team
Time to pass the law.

Fashion Police Team Review | Final thoughts

When it comes down to it. Fashion police team It is style over substance. I felt a bit disappointed that it was so short with only 13 missions in total and a few challenges to tackle on the side. It was almost the end of the game when combat encounters challenged me. That’s not a terrible thing, because I really enjoy my time together Fashion police team. It’s an FPS unlike any other. If you’re a fan of the genre, do yourself a favor and see if shooters have much more to offer than mindless violence and demon slaying.

TechRaptor reviewed Fashion police team A copy provided by the publisher on PC via Steam.

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