Fashion’s Favorite Food Artist Imogen Kwok Shares A Few Of Her Favorite Things With Vogue

“My title is all over the place: sometimes it’s food artist, sometimes food designer, sometimes chef,” explains Imogen Kwok. Known for creating divine banquets, she has become the go-to for multisensory dining experiences in which guests are encouraged to “get in there”. Working with Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe last year “opened the fashion door” to MatchesFashion, Comme Si and Alighieri at Paris Fashion Week. “Cooking was always part of my life,” reflects the 31-year-old. “My family would be eating dinner while discussing what we should make for breakfast.”

Born in Sydney, to a Chinese father and Korean mother, she grew up in New York, before studying history of art at St Andrews. After graduating, the now London-based Kwok tried out a career in galleries, but decided that life was not hands-on enough. Restaurants? Too hectic. Food styling did not have enough personality, but the knowledge she earned from each informs her work now. This year, she will embark on art-based residencies, creating large edible installations. “I’m excited to have the freedom to do whatever I want.”

Here, Kwok shares a few of her favorite things with Vogue.

Laneige Lip Glowy Grapefruit Balm

“I use Laniege Lip Glowy Balm before sleep. The pink grapefruit flavor is great.”

Tom Cope/Getty Images

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