Gigi Hadid shares news of her new fashion label, Guest in Residence.

The model is venturing into a new realm by launching her own fashion line.

Gigi Hadid is here to prove once again that her talents are endless, transitioning from fashion model to fashion designer. Channeling creativity and dedication into her new fashion project, Hadid is hoping to debut her style and knitting skills to the world with the brand’s upcoming hospitality.

To break the news of her latest fashion project, the model and mother-to-be took to Instagram to reveal a series of images, featuring wide-body shots, colorful sweaters and hoodie designs – the basis of her latest creations. Giving us our first look at the behind-the-scenes process of her upcoming clothing brand, Hadid paired her image with the message, “She’s been working on something…. With love @guestinresidence.”

And, while you’re probably as excited about the news as we are, it looks like we’re not the only ones who feel this way. Hailey Bieber’s sister, Bella Hadid, who commented on the headline ‘I’m so excited about this’, then went on to say what we’re all thinking in a simple statement, ‘We’ve all been waiting for it’, meaning the famous stamp of approval is firmly in place here.

While Hadid is the first to release original clothing, she is clearly no stranger to the world of design, and her previous partnership with esteemed brand Frankie Bikinis is proof enough that she has the potential to create.

So while the official launch date of the project hasn’t been announced yet, we’ll be hitting that follow button on the new brand’s IG page and looking forward to updates.

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