The Best Luxury Beach Towels for Summer 2022


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Last weekend, it was so hot I felt like I only had two choices: Stay inside in the air conditioning or get my butt to the beach. I chose the latter, and was happy I did, but it made me take stock of my beach-towel collection again. I’ve spent a good amount of time and energy cultivating a solid bathroom-towel situation. (I have these because they dry quickly.) But because I only go to the beach a few times a year, I care less about what I’m bringing to dry off. It makes sense, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was maybe an oversight on my part.

Beach towels are big; they take up a good chunk of space in my apartment. I lug them all the way out on the A train every time I go to the Rockaways. And they can say a lot about a person.

Why not just get one that I really like? Then I never have to think about it again, and I will feel impressive every time I do a dramatic rollout when I arrive. When I mentioned this to my colleagues, they perked up. “I saw someone with a coral-colored Chanel beach towel this weekend and it made me reconsider my whole life,” one person joked. While Chanel might be a little out of my range, below are some options that I think would make a splash.

Mark & ​​Graham Monogrammed Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

I’ve been told that Hotel Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole is one of the nicest there is. It’s got beautiful views and is tastefully decorated, and it’s too expensive for me to even consider going. So, of course, I’m dying to go. But you can pretend you’re there (and not at Jacob Riis) by buying a yellow striped beach towel similar to the ones they provide for guests. And if you get it monogrammed, it’s like you’re a VIP guest at your own hotel.

ISSIMO X Rivolta Carmignani Pellicano Hotels Beach Towel

The real thing will cost you a bit more, but they’re out there. Apparently, this mustard shade was introduced for the opening of Mezzatorre, Hotel Pellicano’s sister hotel in Ischia last year, so you can say that if anyone questions you.

Rare Vintage Iconic Harry's Bar Venice Art Deco Cotton Beach Towel

If you really want a deep cut, I found this pre-owned beach towel that’s allegedly from Harry’s Bar in Venice on eBay. I don’t know if that’s actually true, but the odds of you running into someone on the beach who can definitively tell you otherwise are slim. And the towel is cool, so if you can afford it, who cares? (Although, you should probably try to negotiate a lower price…)

Missoni Home Pre-Owned Floral Stripe Beach Towel

We buy vintage clothes, so why not vintage towels, too? As long as they don’t have stains… I’ve always wanted one from Missoni Home, but I actually think its past prints are cooler.

Pucci Pre-Owned Beach Towel

Same goes for Pucci. I may even want this more than a vintage Pucci beach cover-up.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please Pre-Owned Towel

This one is self-explanatory. It quite literally screams “status towel.”

Stüssy & Cactus Plant Flea Market Beach Towel

This one might help get the attention of a surfer.

Jacquemus Logo-Print Cotton Towel

Ed Hardy Pre-Owned Beach Towel

This towel will surely get you noticed on the beach, but will also telegraph that perhaps you don’t take yourself too seriously. (Which we both know is not true.)

Ralph Lauren Home Pony Jacquard Beach Towel

A classic. I love this beach towel. It’s huge and soft, and will never go out of style.

Bottega Veneta Black Cotton Beach Towel
Very Good Deal

The Bottega Veneta green is basically a logo, and you can get a hint of it on this towel, which is now on sale at SSENSE.

Kenny Scharf Hot Dog Beach Towel

A perfect towel for Coney Island. And if you spill ketchup and mustard on it? Even better!

Noah x the B-52s Wig Beach Towel

I regret not buying this towel when it came out, but thankfully you can get it at a relatively low price still on Grailed. This is exactly the face I’m going to make when I’m lying on the beach and someone comes up to me and says, “Oh my God, I love your towel!”

Tekla Beach Towel

I thought I’d finally broken free of the chokehold “Sandi-style” had on me, but this Copenhagen-based towel and bedding brand has convinced me there’s nothing better.

Totem Monogram Beach Towel

This towel also comes in a color called “tofu,” which is just as lovely, but I’m more of a beach goth, personally.

Tombolo 'Le Sirenuse' Cabana Top

La Sirenuse in Positano is another Italian, Instagram-friendly hotel with great merch.

Kondi Elma Flare Tank Jumpsuit
Very Good Deal

Jemima Kirke’s character in Conversations With Friends wears this jumpsuit when she goes swimming. I also have it in black and throw it on every time I’m near a body of water.

Kule Terry Serena Romper

If you like to do physical activities before you jump in the water, or want to look like you’re into that sort of thing, this jumpsuit seems tennis-adjacent. (I’ve never played tennis.)

Marine Serre Striped Cotton-Terry Mini Skirt
Very Good Deal

You’d never guess unless you really zoomed in, but this skirt is made from repurposed kitchen towels, and is on sale for a good price. (Same for the matching top and jacket.)

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