Giftpack AI to Exhibit Corporate Gifting SaaS at the World’s Biggest Tech Show


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A year since launching, the AI ​​powered platform recorded a 95% acceleration of the gifting process.

LAS VEGAS, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a modern technique of mixing artificial intelligence and human emotions, Giftpack AI will be exhibiting their artificial intelligence powered business gifting software-as-a-service platform at the CES 2022.

Giftpack AI helps businesses of all sizes to send individually tailored gifts in seconds to thousands of clients and employees around the world in a fraction of time compared to traditional gifting processes.

Since its launch in summer 2020, the company has delivered over 40,000 gifts to more than 70 countries and boasts a 92% gift satisfaction rate according to the feedback of gift receivers.

Archer Chiang, CEO & Founder of Giftpack, said “Covid-19 reminded businesses how important it is to show their employees that the company cares about them. Gifts are an obvious way to bolster motivation and even support mental health while working remotely.”

What makes Giftpack stand out from the crowd

From ideation to delivery, Giftpack’s speed of the entire employee gifting process is accelerated by 95%, compared to traditional hand-picked gifting process with the integration of AI. This reduces the workload and communication efforts to coordinate employee gifting and allows businesses to focus on the more important aspects.

“Businesses can place more time and focus into management and operations while we do the heavy lifting. Moreover, employee appreciation is a driving factor in retaining their workforce – we are helping companies reduce the turnover rate to combat The Great Resignation due to limited staffing and overworking,” he added.

The Great Resignation has brought on an estimate 24 million employee resignation from April to September this year, in the United States alone. Businesses were forced to downsize due to the pandemic adding more workload and burnout to the remaining employees. Giftpack aims to boost employee morale and aid in employee retention.

Streamlined process to save time and cost

This is achieved through enabling AI to import receiver list, generate ideas, invitation, packaging, shipping, process tracking, all the way to data analytics and customer service to streamline the process and enhance the gifting experience.

Chiang also states, “Giftpack not only saves time on gifting with high-quality gifts, our platform is culturally sensitive, able to learn the customs of communities around the globe.”

Culturally diverse platform

With team members hailing from all parts of the world and different cultures, the business is able to build a cultural database and teach AI the dos and don’ts of gifting as well as cultural understanding.

Data analytics

Giftpack’s user-friendly dashboard provides users with advanced statistics in an easily consumable analytics interface. Users can also set metrics and track progress to monitor how gifts are impacting their return on investment.

The company believes in bridging AI technology with a human touch to make any gifting occasion special and unforgettable.

Giftpack AI will be showcasing its technology at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo 1F (Former Sands expo), booth no: 61423.

About Giftpack AI

Giftpack AI is an AI-powered business gifting SaaS platform that streamlines the gifting process. Helping customers create meaningful connections, retain employees, and curate VIP clients, the brand helps businesses send individually tailored gifts 95% faster than traditional methods. Giftpack AI’s audience consists of HR managers, marketers, and executive assistants, with some clients in the brokerage, business development and project management sectors.

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