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PPeople today are suffering with tech disorder. This disorder is caused due to excessive use of gadgets — smartphones and other electronic devices. While undoubtedly technology has turned out to be the greatest innovation by mankind, its overuse can pose certain risks, especially to teenagers and adolescents. Even middle age and elderly people too are prone to negative side effects of overuse of technology.

Technology addiction is a broad expression used to define the obsession of a person with digital products. The buzz of technology addiction rises more after we enter the techade. Especially after the pandemic, serious tech disorders were indirectly reported in society. The youngsters were reportedly found with mental stress and physical fatigue, due to excessive use of online classes and digital applications for longer duration.

We are living in the technology, and obviously we can’t avoid technology for a single day. Our surroundings are filled with the boons of technology-based solutions and our life is being eased by it regularly. Our smart watches, smart phones, laptops, smart cars, smart AC and even smart TVs, washing machines, microwaves and so on. Everything in our daily utility is simply a technology solution. Man himself would never know when his utility turned into addiction, and caused tech disorder to him. Tech fatigue is so serious that unnecessary hazards could be clearly visible on physical and mental well-being.

Modern psychiatrists believe that it is hard to actually pin-point exactly when a person is in the clutches of tech disorder. Of course it is a new member in the disease family, but not in the rarest category. Almost many of us are suffering from it, maybe on a mild or severe basis, but tech troubles on health are actually happening in today’s societies. Its signs are clearly visible, many a time we are irritated, attention loss, weight gain, disrupt normal patterns of moods, excess networking addictions cause higher risks of suicide and depression.

Everything we use has two sides, if it has the destructive side at the same time it also has the productive side too. Now it is entirely dependent upon us, how we are going to use it. Technology is changing our lives, without any doubt. But we have to save ourselves from its side effects too. Otherwise, tech disorders will take more and more lives in the coming days.

Becoming tech-savvy is a different thing and getting tech addicted is different. We need to bifurcate tech utility with tech addiction. Although this line between tech utility and tech addiction is very thin; we have to do it in order to avoid tech disorder in us.

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