John Oliver in “New Business Daddy” Warner Bros. Shot on Discovery

John Oliver He just can’t resist biting the hand that feeds him. In the Sunday class of Last week tonightby Warner Bros. Discovery-Run airs on HBO, with Oliver taking aim at the new parent company’s recently unveiled business strategy.

Last week, Warner Bros. announced the discovery during a conference call with investors David Zaslav It plans to merge HBO Max with Discovery+ to create one platform that will launch next summer. During the merger process, several original titles were removed from HBO Max and the $90 million DC film. Buttiger All were thrown out of order in the name of tax abatement.

Before landing his latest episode on Warner Bros. Discovery, Oliver gave the nation a flawless monkeypox vaccine. “We let the vaccine sit unused on our shelves like an expired Chobani or a $90 million movie on HBO Max,” he said. Buttiger. “By the way: hello, new business dad! Looks like you are doing a great job. I have a vague feeling that you’re burning the net for insurance money, but I’m sure this will all pass.”

The late-night host isn’t new to battling his “business dad,” as Oliver calls his former corporate parent, AT&T. Last June, he targeted the company’s logo. “Hi, New Business Daddy,” he said. “Just checked in to say I absolutely love the corporate logo you dropped this week. Looks like an opening title. The Simpsons If the fonts are not found.

He continued, “’The stuff dreams are made of’ is from a quote. The Maltese Falcon What seemed like a priceless treasure turned out to be worthless trash that brought chaos and despair to all around it. Anyway, good luck with the merge. I’m sure everything will go well. “

When asked if he would continue to criticize his parent company after the changing of the guard, Oliver didn’t hold back. “No hand is sweeter than the hand that feeds you. There is nothing more satisfying than that,” he said. Difference In February. “The beauty with AT&T is that it’s a hand that has done a lot of terrible things. He deserves a bite.

Oliver has made it clear that he is not seeking more corporate control. “We’ve had no relationship with AT&T, and I couldn’t encourage Discovery more to continue that,” he said. “Leave us alone.”

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