Kyle Kuzma gave major octopus vibes at New York Fashion Week

Kyle Kuzma, man. I don’t even know what to say about this girl. When it comes to fashion, he is not afraid to wear anything. Like, literally. What’s wrong with me?

Remember when he showed up in an oversized (and overpriced) Raf Simons sweater at a Wizards game? Good times. Good, good time. Season of the Wizards went downhill from there.

Good news, folks. Our son returned to him again. It’s New York Fashion Week and Kuzma is in town. The Wizards forward walked the runway for Puma.

As far as what he’s wearing, I’m not even sure what to call this. He was wearing a Puma hoodie with a jersey and some sort of skirt-puffer jacket combo wrapped around his waist.

To call this wild would be an understatement.

Two things. First, this is not a public offering. Remember, large pieces like these worn at fashion shows are works of art rather than actual clothing. You won’t see anyone in Kuzama’s octopus jacket dress – it’s just for show.

Second, to Kuzma, man. Yes, this is completely ridiculous. But the fact that he has the confidence to pull it off? It’s great. That’s what clothes are for, man. self confidence.

But that confidence doesn’t stop the internet from roasting him. not at all. oh no.

Ahhhhh. He knew it looked familiar. We will go there.

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