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As a jewelry maker, dancer, fitness instructor, and UI/UX designer in training, McKay Bram easily earns the title of “Jill of all trades.”

McKay studied movement fundamentals and dance in college and received a diploma in jewelry manufacturing and repair during a gap year, which led to a decade of working in the fine jewelry industry.

She has taught pilates at the Rochester Athletic Club for the last seven years and is currently taking online classes to move into user interface/user experience design.

“I know I will always practice and teach movement and embodiment throughout my life,” she says.

After a hiatus for her college studies, McKay returned to her Rochester roots to get immersed in the budding creative community.

“I wanted to be involved in the growing arts space and contribute to making Rochester the kind of place I wished it was when I was a kid. There is so much more here now – it’s great to see all the art-based businesses and cultural events happening in town.”

McKay Bram Your Style

McKay Bram poses for a portrait in the Post Bulletin Studio on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Tucker Allen Covey / Post Bulletin

Sum up your style.

Flexible, artsy, functional (must allow for full range of motion), a little sci-fi/fantasy inspired, also evolving.

In what ways do you express yourself creatively through clothing or otherwise?

I love to try different haircuts every few years. I prefer short hair, but there are so many ways to cut and style it and it is way more versatile and manageable for me. Right now, I’m doing the shag-inspired thing.

Who inspires your style?

I have to give a shout-out to my mom. I got so much of my personal style from her, and I think she has the best taste. My mom and I love to go thrift shopping together, and some of my favorite pieces are things she has found with me in mind while thrifting.

Favorite gifted items?

A lot of my favorite things I own were gifts to include my rectangle sunglasses I got from my friend and artistic collaborator Danny Solis from a shop in Chicago, or my newest earrings made from thrifted model vertebrae from my friend Allison Jones. I also have a great T-shirt with a moth man in the style of a tarot card from my friend Bridge Skyhawk. (I love cryptids)

Preferred colors/patterns/fabrics?

It may seem boring, but I wear a lot of black. I love to wear different textures in an all-black outfit, like layering a mesh or lace black shirt over a black tank top. When I’m not donning all black, I like to mix patterns and sport some power clashing. Making sure the patterns share a similar rhythm and color palette can make them work together.

Any items you just can’t seem to get rid of?

I know minimalism and capsule wardrobes have been a trend for a long time, but I’m just not a minimalist. Especially being in the performing arts, I often hang on to clothes for a long time in case a unique occasion calls for them, and usually I’m glad I kept things around.

McKay Bram Your Style

McKay Bram poses for a portrait in the Post Bulletin studio on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Tucker Allen Covey / Post Bulletin

How do you capture confidence through your clothing/style?

This is a bit of a cliche, but knowing that it doesn’t really matter what I look like. I just try to have fun, and not worry if I can really pull something off. Style is super subjective, and I do think confidence is the big factor for “pulling something off.” I read an article years ago that was basically in defense of “tackiness” that inspired me to not be afraid of looking a little out there, weird, or even a bit tacky.

Favorite warm weather threads?

My favorite type of clothing is a big winter sweater so I’m not in my element in the summer. But my preference for summer is a lightweight jumpsuit which is like an instant outfit – super practical and easy to move and dance in.

Go-to local shopping spots?

I try to buy as much as I can pre-owned, so I always check out our local thrift stores. A few of my favorite pieces are from a vintage seller out of Winona called Sunday Postage.

What do you think Rochester could use more of?

I think the overall fashion scene in Rochester is fairly conservative, and I’d like to see more people embracing their personal style.

Parting thoughts/advice?

Have fun and take some risks. I love to get feedback from my friends on fashion, and they hype me up when I need a little confidence boost. So my other advice is hype up your friends. And take pictures of each other, offer to take pictures, volunteer to be in pictures.

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