Muria Fashion Week Held At CFD Kudus, Explosive Participants

Kudus, – Muria Fashion Week with a casual fashion street theme was held on Sunday (31/7/2022) morning at Car Free Day in Simpang Tujuh Kudus.

The elections were contested in three categories, fashion shows, photography and videography. The condition is that the women wearing hijab are at least 15 years of age, the registration ends on 30 July 2022, they have to follow the Instagram account prescribed by the committee and the winner of each category will get a cash prize of lakhs of rupees . Eris Magenta, chairman of the Muria Fashion Week Committee, told the media crew on the sidelines of the Muria Fashion Week event.

The enthusiasm of the participants continued, Aris said, adding that the response was very encouraging, because two days before the event, there were 70 Fashion Week registrants, while there were 60 participants in the photo and 30 in the video.

“We hold this title as a platform for the youth who have been in the fashion world for 2 years. We want to see the fashion fervor at Kudus, and unsurprisingly, the excitement today is extraordinary, even though on the spot for 2 days, first we got an idea, then we went fast,” he said.

“As for the theme itself, it takes on a casual fashion street theme, whereas our evaluation is not looking for the model, by the way she walks, her face, but our assessment is based on Out Fit, everyone can join. That’s why the coolest organization wins,” he said.

In the future, Aris said, her party will host Kudus Fashion Week, Kudus to the City of Fashion. “Kudus Fashion Week aims to witness the excitement of fashion at Kudus. Given that kudus is one of the cornerstones of fashion, especially Muslim clothing, kudus has about 40 major convections, so it has great potential for Indonesian market share,” he concluded. (US/YM)

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