Small Business Spotlight: Serenity Threads

MANCHESTER, Conn. (WFSB) – On this week’s Small Business Spotlight, we are highlighting Serenity Threads in Manchester.

If the beach is your happy place, then Serenity Threads is the place for you.

“I was at the Clinton town beach which is my family’s beach. We’ve gone there forever. I knew at that point that I wanted to create a business and that it was going to be a jewelry store, so I just had to come up with the name and I was trying to describe the way that I felt while sitting there and listening to the ocean waves and serenity really came to my mind,” says owner Melissa Matarazzo.

The 23-year-old started the business three years ago when she was in college.

“I knew my career path was going to be a teacher, and I was going to have summers off, so I figured it was the perfect thing to fill my time,” says Matarazzo.

She says she’s had a passion for jewelry since she was little.

“I got my first jewelry kit for Christmas. I still have the original pliers that came with the kit. I remember coloring them with nail polish because I wanted them to be cool and pink and the polish is still there and I still use these to make every piece of jewelry and serenity threads,” says Matarazzo.

Matarazzo even gives back to charity. She has a PRIDE collection, a breast cancer collection, and a beach collection. She says she takes a portion of the sales and gives back to charitable organizations.

Her store has a beachy vibe, and her jewelry is made with stainless steel so it can be worn in the water.

“My best-selling item right here are the siren earrings. Every piece is named, and you can see that on my website,” says Maratzzo.

For information about Maratzzo’s business, click here.

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