transport: Medallion Translinks founder says tech helps drivers and vehicles stay connected to the transport network

Medallion Translinks provides transportation services to global consumer packaged goods (CPG) and automotive companies. It started as an in-house fleet for its own CPG business with trucks and motorcycles carrying the finished products to micro-retailers in the interiors of India.

Pranjal Tulsiyan, the founder of Medallion Translinks, and his younger brother have set a goal to get packages delivered even through the trickiest routes in the shortest possible time. Medallion follows the best industry practices. It was recently honored with the Times Business Award for the Emerging Startup in Tech Logistics.

Excerpts of an interview with Tulsiyan:

How do you manage to be so efficient in the transportation business?
It may seem hard if you try to do it on a personal level, but I have an efficient team that provides efficient services.

The team is constantly connected to the drivers and have a route map of the vehicle. That is how we are constantly updated about the upcoming checkpoints or any hurdles. How do you think Medallion has changed or impacted the transportation industry?
The basic habit of communication with the vehicle and driver is what we swear by. We know the exact whereabouts of the driver and vehicle. Many times, the communication can break due to weather conditions or remote locations. That is when our tech team tracks the vehicles through GPS. Also, we have created contacts in almost every location in India. If any problem arises, our representatives can go and have a look.

Where do you see Medallion in the coming years?
We see Medallion as the leading transportation company for sure. We are still monitoring and exploring all kinds of problems that can come up and working to get rid of them. As the world advances, so do problems, and our team’s ability to tackle them.

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