Van Cleve church members go through children’s mental health training classes

VANCLEVE, Miss. (WLOX) – Members of Pine Lake Baptist Church are learning what young people face in times of crisis.

“This is a concern I’ve had as a pastor for a number of years, and I’m learning some new things, some important things here,” said Pastor Randall Coffield.

Coffield said child mental health should be the focus of churches across the country.

“We have many children struggling with mental health issues in our culture and society and our churches today, so it is only in the needs of the ministry of health and related ministries to help these children,” he said. .

Nicole Bedsole with the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi It can be difficult to spot the signs of a troubled child, but the signs are there.

“It’s when young people can’t go about their daily activities,” she says. “Maybe they’re truant from school or getting bad grades. Now they don’t meet their friends, they don’t want to do sports activities. ”

“There is a pressing need for this in our school and community,” Rendall said. “Being able to connect with these kids who often fly under the radar and don’t get recognized with these different issues.”

“I think this kind of training is good for anyone to know. We will learn CPR and first aid; Why not learn what helps an individual in a mental health crisis?” said Bedsole.

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