10 Best Fashion Transformations Ranked

90 day engagement Since 2014, it has featured many actors, some of whom have improved their style significantly. The TLC show has introduced a variety of famous names that have always been fashion conscious. One such reality TV star is Jibri Bell, who debuted with a Southern look that stood out from the crowd in Season 9. The South Dakota native sported some of the best outfits on the show and quickly gained attention for his unique personality. Jibri was also surprised 90 day engagement Onlookers with wife Miona Bell always wearing matching outfits.

Like Jibri, Yara Zaya has shown her fashion sense from day one. The moment she entered 90 day engagement In season 8, Yara impresses with her beautiful outfits, and impresses with her casual makeup. Over the years, the Ukrainian native has stayed trendy by constantly updating her style and embracing her favorite color, beige. Fernanda Flores and Juliana Custodio had a knack for creating fashion from the very beginning. These two love to sport amazing outfits on Instagram, and are known for their casual and athletic looks.

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10 Annie Swan

There is a long list 90 day engagement The stars who started out on the show in a certain way but kept on changing their fashion sense from time to time. Annie Suan appeared in season 5, where she married the handsome David Toborowski. In her debut season, the Thai native sported a sporty look, and kept her style understated. She wore light makeup, bright lipstick and dark shades. However, Annie has come a long way since the beginning, because now it’s all about spicy outfits, swimsuits and glamorous dresses. The young woman likes to keep herself up-to-date with fashion trends, and has even started a clothing line.

9 Memphis Smith

Memphis Smith is one of the most famous names. 90 Day Fiancé: 90 days ago, Because of her social media personality and her on-screen personality. Still, there’s no denying that she’s improved her fashion sense significantly since her appearance on the show. During her time on TLC, Memphis sported long brown hair and wore oversized clothes in dark tones. However, the new and improved Memphis is all about taking more risks with her fashion choices and sporting body-hugging outfits that flatter her postpartum figure. Over the past few months, the Michigan woman has experimented with printed dresses, shapewear-inspired frocks, swimwear, and other glam outfits.

8 Winter Everett.

Winter Everett is one of the most influential supporting cast members. When the Atlanta native debuted on TLC with her sister Chantelle Everett, she weighed more than 300 pounds, and wore skimpy dresses that hid her natural beauty. However, she has since completely abandoned her old style. This winter she likes to flaunt her stylish body in colorful outfits, from stunning to sporty outfits. Winter likes to play with colors, wear body-hugging dresses and take risks with her fashion choices. Her improved fashion sense helped her become a plus size model.

7 Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovseva was one of the most memorable actors of season 7 at the beginning. She was famous for her attractive looks and beautiful dresses. However, the native of Ukraine has completely changed in the last few years, abandoning the old style and really embracing fashion. Currently, Natalie likes to post her fashion endeavors on social media and promote her new style in professional modeling shoots. Since she changed her hairstyle and upped her makeup game, her social media profile features many photos of her wearing unique outfits.

6 Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson's excellent 90 Day Fiance side by side pictures

Debbie Johnson rose to fame as Colt Johnson’s 70-year-old mother in season 6. She is seen as a typical mom wearing no make-up and sporting typical maternity clothes. However, things have certainly changed for Colt’s mother in the past few years. Since its appearance 90 days: single life, Debbie lost weight and completely changed her fashion sense. She stopped wearing her old turtle costume, and embraced a more modern look. Debbie also found a more glamorous lifestyle. One of Debbie’s latest makeovers shows her wearing a black dress, full makeup and red hair.

5 Ariella Weinberg

When Ariella Weinberg first started 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2 featured a relatable expectant mother who didn’t look pregnant in fashion. However, after welcoming her son Aviel Shibre, the New Jersey native changed herself completely. In addition to losing weight and getting a toned body after giving birth, Ariela also developed her fashion sense by embracing Ethiopian culture. She mixes African designs with her modern American labels, creating a hybrid style. Most of Ariella’s recent photo shoots show her wearing designer clothes, looking amazing and celebrating her husband’s hometown.

4 Chantel Everett.

Chantelle Everett has always had sassy style, which she showcased in her line of founders. However, the way she presents herself is improving. After filing for divorce from her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Jimeno, Chantelle changed her style and improved herself. She started wearing the most beautiful high-end gowns, many branded dresses and short skirts which were particularly attractive. In addition to donning stunning and colorful outfits for photo shoots with her sister, Chantelle also starred in her brother’s music video, embracing a dark tone and gothic look.

3 Kim Menzies

Kim Menzie was no fashionista on the inside. 90 Day Fiancé: 90 days ago season 5 in 2022. She wears casual tops and pants, and doesn’t seem to care about makeup and hairstyles. However, that all changed in 2023, when Kim finally ended her relationship with Usman “Sojaboy” Umar. She began to focus on herself. For the past eight months, the 52-year-old San Diego woman has proudly dressed in makeup, colorful tops and jeans. She has perfected her hairstyle while choosing stunning outfits. In fact, she has completely revamped her wardrobe.

2 Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez was another relevant member of the supporting cast on the show, who was loved for her casual style and charming personality. However, that changed when she joined the North Carolina native 90 days: single life, And started rocking colorful and revealing outfits on social media. Starting in 2022, Veronica has made many bold fashion choices, and has a glow that makes her look younger than ever. From holiday designs to swimwear and beyond, the single mother has started promoting a variety of outfits on her social media.

1 Tiffany Franco

Tiffany Franco is one of the most surprising changes. The single mom was over 300 pounds at one point, and mostly wore cold shoulder dresses. However, she eventually started updating her personal style. After undergoing weight loss surgery, Tiffany began wearing form-fitting clothes that complimented her makeup. of 90 day engagement The franchise alum has gone from wearing fitted dresses to tube tops and crop tops, hinting that she’s not the type of woman fans saw on TV a few years ago.

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