10 out of 10: Fashion Futurism at Afrochella Festival

Serving up ’70s reality, this dynamic duo tapped into their inner psychedelia on Day 1 of Afrochella. Nigerian fashion model Halimotu Shokunbi (left) wears an ultra-mini dress with knee-high boots, a blue I AM GIA tee and a NOMÄ Cuban key necklace, while socialite princess Fathia Nkrumah looks stunning in a butterfly fur two-piece floral print. Accessories. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

Ghana has become the epicenter of year-end fashion in West Africa, and the finale of the Afrochela Festival was a showcase of next-level wardrobe excellence on the continent. To celebrate the theme of “Afrofuturism” thousands of fans showed up in their best clothes – the future-thinking cultural movement and the festival’s new name “Afrofuture” – and the festival’s audience did not disappoint. Ours So International Travel, Culture and Entertainment Secretary Tenny Clarke was a specially invited VVIP guest at the venue and witnessed the grandeur of style in the heart of Accra. With expert advice from UK-born, Trinidad and Tobago-based stylist Crystal Ivy London, Clarke brought her own Caribbean flavor to the fashion mix in several outings, wearing some of the region’s top designers – straight, direct and in vibrant colour.

Here’s SO’s replay along with some of the standout looks from the two-day event.

– Tennille Clark is a talented storyteller, seasoned publicist and culture enthusiast from Trinidad and Tobago, who writes about her ongoing love affair with travel, entertainment and culture through a Caribbean lens. Follow her digital journey. @tenilleclarke1 on Instagram And Twitter

The men should not be left behind in the face of fashion, this participant has been seen in several print collections. He kept the look clean with classic white kicks. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

Renowned digital fashion designer Tenika B brings fuchsia fun to Afrochela with this amazing khadi outfit with designer Waina Chancy of Atelier Ndigo. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

You can always spot a Sai Sankoh collection from a mile away and this fancier two-piece Scarlett Goddess Kaftan and Sadie Pants from the Sierra Leonean-born American designer was royalty. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

SO reporter Tenille Clarke jets off to her first event – the first annual WOODXWATTA festival – in a floor-length jacket from Trinidad and Tobago designer Diane Carlton. She brought contrast to Kendrick Trunks’ red tiger hair by award-winning NY-based designer Brandon Blackwood. “This was Tenile’s first public appearance in Ghana, and we wanted to bring black-owned designers into the spotlight,” said stylist Crystal Ivy London. “Diane Carlton sure knows how to splash with color, so pairing it with a white two-piece was perfect to finish off.” (Photo: Tenille Clark)

Clarke hits the streets of Accra in this brunch look by Jamaican-born, Miami-based designer OCHIE. Her statement piece is a bamboo round bag from Grenadian accessories designer, Idle Minds Collective. “The styling goal was to create a clean aesthetic for this look – cool, elegant and uncomplicated,” explains stylist Crystal Ivy London. “OCHIE knows how to make a cotton look sophisticated, and the material was perfect to beat the heat.” (Photo: Tenille Clark)

It’s all about the colorful contrasts in this look with Femi’s coral jumpsuit from Jamaican designer Jay Jolie, a patterned tiara from Trinbagonian Glori Retrofit and bold earrings from Statement Accessories. “Strong can still be festive, and this neon coral was perfect for Tennie’s chocolate brown skin tone,” says Crystal Ivy London. (Photo: Tenille Clark)

Effortless chic was the name of Clarke’s game on Day 1 of Afrochella Festival with a Fe Noel look. This stylish Sage Hibiscus Panty Pant and Rust Puff Sleeve Bodysuit from the Grenadian-born designer is paired with Shoeaholics Jamaica crystal sandals. “Wide-legs give a great silhouette, and viscose is the perfect material for hot days,” says London. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

This festival goer dazzled in an off-the-shoulder crop top and shorts in a teal and tangerine print. A razor-sharp platinum haircut brought the whole look together. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

This jade two-piece ensemble is styled to perfection with a statement necklace and combat boots. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

Model Sakina Dabre was head-to-toe in pink traditional attire, while creative director Mohammed Black opted for a sand-hued ensemble. He chose to ring in the new year with bold accessories to elevate his black look. Both completed their respective looks with futuristic eyewear – right in line with this year’s Afrochella Festival theme. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

The classic black and white print stands out in any crowd and for this look, proportions were key. An oversized shirt was paired with a white turtleneck, and he opted for chunky black platform shoes to complete the look. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

Nigerian-Jamaican young prince of Afro-chella fame taps Haitian-born stylist Joshua Damis on stage. We wanted to capture the “Afrofuturism” theme that Damis posted on Instagram. “Pin Steps [in the pants] Creating an illusion of color in motion was right on target for us.” (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

This trio of Trinbagonian beauties traveled to Africa from the Twin Island Republic. She completed her look with vintage leather pants and minimal accessories. (Photo: Afrochela Festival)

(Photo: Afrochela Festival)

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