21 Best Memorial Day Tech Deals 2023: Headphones, TVs, and More


It is approaching. It’s the hottest time of the year, so why not trick out your home theater and stay indoors? Or, if you plan on going out, you can grab some headphones to blast tunes on the go. Whatever your interests, there are plenty of sales this weekend and we’ve rounded up the best on all our favorite electronics.

Update May 29, 2023: We’ve removed dead deals, added a few replacements, and updated prices throughout.

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Home theater deals

TCL 6 series

Photography: TCL

Even after the new 2022 update, the TCL 6-Series (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our favorite TV overall. This quantum-dot, mini-LED TV offers better contrast and deeper blacks than the previous best-looking set. It has a built-in Roku interface and the included stand is great.

LG is the only company that makes large OLED panels at scale, so it’s no surprise that LG’s own TV is one of our picks. The C2 has some of the lowest input lag, which makes it great for gaming, and the OLED screen gives it crazy contrast that will appeal to movie nerds.

If your living room gets a lot of natural light, some TVs may struggle to compete. In those cases, this Samsung TV (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our favorites. Not only is it one of the brightest TVs we’ve tested, it also has some of the best viewing angles, making it suitable for many situations.

We’re still not exactly sure about you. Desire It’s still an 8K TV, but if you really want to be on the cutting edge, this Samsung set (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top pick, and it’s finally at a reasonable price. It has incredible image quality and processing, and even comes with a solar-powered remote control.

Vizio M-Series 5.1.2

Photography: Vizio

The Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 Soundbar (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top pick under $500. It supports Dolby Atmos sound and blasts audio upwards to help create a more vibrant soundstage. It also comes with two rear speakers to give you immersive sound with minimal setup.

Camera discounts

Nikon Z6 II

Photography: Nikon

If you’re invested in the Nikon ecosystem, the Z6 II is a great upgrade. The 24-megapixel full-frame sensor offers a high dynamic range and the camera can record 10-bit 4:2:2 log footage over HDMI.

The GoPro Hero11 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our favorite action cameras, but it’s also great as a standard camera. It has an easy mode for capturing footage with minimal footage, and you can pull some amazing hi-res still images from video.

The Insta360 One RS (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top pick for a do-it-all action camera. It’s great as an action camera, great as a 360 camera, and even supports interchangeable lenses, with three different modules you can mix and match.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the GoPro Hero 10 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our top action camera pick. It has a fast processor that can record up to 5.3K video, high frame rate video and video tone mapping for even more detail.

Battery discounts

Jakri 1000

Photography: Jackery

GoalZero makes some popular power banks for charging heavy-duty devices like laptops. It’s a beast, capable of delivering 187 watt-hours of power. It has four USB ports (two USB-A, two USB-C), a standard power outlet, and even a car-style power outlet.

This portable battery from Biolite is our favorite for outdoor use. It’s designed to be lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket. Biolight also makes solar panels that can be used to charge their batteries, and while we’re still testing these out, they’re a very convenient way to charge your power bank when you’re away from home.

This is one of the smaller batteries available from Jackery, but it charges your laptop 3 times and provides an introduction to the ecosystem that includes solar panels and traditional battery charging. Once you like the system, you can upgrade the capacity but keep the same solar panels and other accessories. Jackery power stations and well-designed convenient carrying handles and all the right ports for emergency use or car camping. Now you can save a little more than usual.

We choose this giant portable battery from Zendure for air travel for one very simple reason: it’s the absolute largest capacity you’re legally allowed to carry on an airplane. If you want to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, And Change when flying around the world, you can bring several small batteries, or just get this one.

For serious power needs, this Jackery Explorer power station is our go-to. It’s meant to be paired with some solar panels, which can store large amounts of energy and generate enough power to run major appliances off the grid.

Headphone and headphone deals

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

Photography: HyperX

The Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset from HyperX is one of the few gadgets to get a perfect 10/10, WIRED recommends. Using some combination of quantum physics and dark magic, this pair gets an unreal 300 hours of battery life, compared to the 30-ish that most other headphones get. They’re also very comfortable, have good sound quality and boast a strong microphone for group chats. This isn’t the cheapest we’ve seen, but they’ve been pretty expensive lately and this is still a solid deal.

This headset is our top pick for Xbox gamers. The Arctis 9X connects to the Xbox in the same way you pair controllers, so you don’t need a dongle. They’re comfortable, have great sound quality and last about 20 hours on a single charge.

The JBL Quantum One may have a different Gamer Aesthetic™, but if you’re into 3D audio, it’s our top pick. Not only is the spatial audio delivery excellent, but JBL has added some nice features like turning off the sound if you turn your head away from your game.

Apple AirPods Pro

Photo: Apple

If you’re an iPhone user, it’s hard to find better headphones than the AirPods Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends). They pair easily with Apple products, fit comfortably in most ears, and the charging case has its own speaker so you’ll never have to stop listening.

The Sony LinkBuds (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are unique in that they have holes between their drivers, so you can hear sounds from the outside world while still listening. This makes them our top choice for headphones when commuting around town.

If you happen to be big into the Alexa ecosystem, the Echo Buds (8/10, WIRED Recommends) are our top pick for you. They have good sound quality, a wireless charging case and, naturally, like other Echo products, they can respond to voice commands.


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