5 fashion trends that have become popular around the world


Basic Parisians can’t stop dressing up or effortlessly pulling off the latest New Yorkers, we often cover what the fashionable crowd is wearing in their respective cities. But since it’s all one fashion industry, things tend to overlap. The fun part is seeing how people wear the trends from city to city and choosing the one that best suits your own style. Regardless of how people in different cities may style it, there’s no better proof that the trend is wearable than the fashion collections from multiple cities wearing it. And even if you don’t live in a “fashion-forward” city, the sartorial choice is still yours.

Below, I’ve rounded up five amazing trends that are currently being worn in fringes. Some, like fiery red, are trends that are frequently discussed in Who Wears What stories. Others, like raffia accessories, quickly return to the conversation. While the latest fashions give us plenty to choose from, this list narrows it down to a few trends that every fashionista will love, no matter where they live. Keep scrolling to see how different cities set different trends, and shop trend-inspired items for yourself.


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