A classic fashion moment, explained.


In the year Jennifer Lopez’s red carpet walk at the 2000 Grammy Awards was the talk of the town when the show began. Unlike today, you can’t just turn to social media for more photos or information. Back then, when you searched the internet for clothing, you only got links and text. Although Google didn’t implement their image search tool because of one dress, the dress designed by Versace gave us a glimpse of the data gap.

Cathy Edwards-Lopez, director of engineering and product at Google Images, told GQ their real impact on the device’s development. “It’s completely true, but it’s not a situation where it happens and the next day you say, ‘Oh, we have to build an image search engine!’ And everyone at the time was like, ‘We really need to build an image search engine,’ but they weren’t sure how to prioritize it. Once Lopez stepped on the red carpet, the folks at Google realized that an image search tool was important and should be prioritized.

When it comes to fashion, Lopez’s Risque Versace dress gave us our first look at the low neckline and sheer fabric, marking the beginning of such trends. Previously worn by Geri Halliwell and Donatella Versace, the dress didn’t make a big splash until it appeared on music’s biggest night.


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