A fashion comeback with 90’s inspired trends by Coco Kimono


NEW: Timeless beach-cool elements like net-like veils, shell accents, florals and geometrics are on display as Brenna Lawrence takes on a vintage look.(Photos courtesy of Coco Kimono)

With the arrival of summer and sun-kissed days and balmy nights, it’s time to embrace the season’s hottest trends. This year, Coco Kimono in Surf City, owned by fashionista Colin Daum, is bringing back the 90s spirit. With a carefully curated collection of clothing and accessories, this boutique has become a mom-and-daughter destination, offering a wide range of stylish options for weddings, events and everyday wear.

One noticeable trend this summer is the resurgence of baggy pants with a wider leg silhouette. High-rise pants are still going strong, showing the versatility and longevity of this popular style. On the other hand, last year’s cut and cropped items will continue to be at the forefront, which will give playfulness and sophistication to any outfit.

What sets Coco Kimono apart is its focus on sustainability. The boutique proudly offers environmentally conscious brands such as Lusana, which offers accessories made from natural materials and has a low impact on the environment. Another famous brand is Binky and Lulu which is known for its jewelry designs.

Get ready to add a pop of pink to your summer wardrobe, because the color has become a very hot trend, brightening the beauty of women. And who can resist a touch of sparkle? Thanks to Taylor Swift’s influence, they’ve become a flashy addition. From shimmering sequins to shimmering rhinestones, incorporating sparkles into your ensemble will instantly elevate your style and shine wherever you go.

This year, there has been a big shift from puff sleeves to strapless, a trend that is expected to continue next year. Belted and strappy dresses have become a favorite for fashion-forward individuals, marking a departure from the puff-sleeve trend of past seasons.

Embracing the nostalgia of the ’90s and Y2K era, Coco Kimono offers a variety of footwear options including popular Steve Madden and Billini brands. Platforms are making a comeback, with strappy lace-up sandals perfecting any summer look. With a focus on dresses and heels, Coco Kimono offers the perfect pair for these trendy footwear options.

Prints are always a summer fashion staple, and this year is no different. Retro florals, which gained popularity last year, continue to make a statement and offer a vintage charm. Tops have emerged as a popular trend, especially in the form of button tops. Whether worn as a beach cover-up or an everyday top, stripes add a classic and sophisticated touch to any ensemble. Coco Kimono suggests trimming tails on basic tees and tops to enhance your casual look.

When it comes to jewelry, pretty pieces remain staples, while statement earrings and hoops serve up plenty of piercings for a contemporary and personalized touch. With their beauty and ageless appeal, pearls are in demand this season for a refined, timeless look in earrings and necklaces.

The handbags at Coco Kimono offer a unique and beach-oriented flair. The raffia look will remain a perennial favorite, perfectly complementing the coastal feel of Long Beach Island. Woven textures are popular this season, while logos take a back seat, creating a more understated and sophisticated appeal, even in luxury brands.

One of the boutique brands, Ripley Rader excels at creating elevated basics that transition seamlessly from everyday wear to special events. The brand’s matching top and bottom collections offer versatility and style for work and social occasions. Sets continue to be a key trend, with shorts, skirts, pants and skirt options available in both prints and solids.

This summer, dresses are entering the fashion circle, offering a casual or classy cover-up option for any outfit. Pair this effortlessly versatile vest with trousers or jeans for a stylish and versatile look.

Whether you visit the boutique in person or browse the online store, Coco Kimono offers a wide range of options for all your fashion needs. From everyday wear to event attire, each piece is designed to cater to every taste and occasion. Be sure to follow Coco Kimono on Instagram @coco__kimono to stay updated on the latest trends and find style inspiration.

Rediscover the essence of the 90s this summer as you explore the Coco Kimono collection and immerse yourself in the era’s iconic styles. Experience nostalgia, embrace sustainability and participate in timeless trends that have made a powerful comeback. With Coco Kimono, find the perfect blend of past and present, elevating your summer style to new heights.

– Sandra Weint


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