A Minnesota-based brand is filling a gap in the fashion industry


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Jay Victoria, a Minnesota-based brand, specializes in designing shirts for plus-size, non-binary, and queer-identifying individuals.

“There is an incredible lack of representation. “No one anticipated individuals like her—a plus-size woman who prefers to shop in the men’s department,” explained Soupak, wife of founder Jamie Kinitz.

Jamie highlights, “When it comes to plus-size individuals choosing menswear, there is often a trade-off between style and fit. You can’t have both. It was then that Sofak came up with the concept of launching their own clothing line.

Upon successful completion of the seven-week supplement gener8tor gBETA Accelerator programJay Victoria was awarded a US$10,000 grant from the Schulz School of Entrepreneurship.

This funding was used to launch their first production run in February, featuring five different button-down long-sleeve shirts. In addition, Jay Victoria is involved in textile upcycling, repurposing materials from other brands to create sustainable clothing options.

Each shirt in the collection is adorned with turquoise buttons that serve as a gentle reminder to practice self-kindness.

“From my own experience, I’ve learned that we can effortlessly become our own harshest critics,” says Jamie.

The ambition is to introduce a full launch for J Victoria by the end of the year.


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