A Myrtle Beach man with a special interest opened an ice cream business


There’s a new entrepreneur on the Grand Strand.

Miles Griffin owns Spanky’s Ice Cream Cart, named after his childhood nickname.

Miles has autism and White-Sutton syndrome, a rare disorder that causes mental retardation and developmental delays.

He never let it stop him from achieving his goals, which include graduating from Socast High School, becoming an Eagle Scout and now opening an ice cream business.

“The reason I want to own my own business is because I got the Entrepreneurship Merit Badge and I want to be an entrepreneur and own my own business,” he said.

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Miles was awarded a $5,000 grant from SOS, a nonprofit that helps people with special needs.

“We had the help of the start-up grant to fund some of the products and materials he needed to get started. Then we started counting money and practicing the customer service skills he needs every day,” said Adam. Act with SOS.

Miles’ first event was the Carolina Country Music Festival.

His sister, Chelsea Griffin, said the business has been booming ever since.

“Well, it’s a busy life, isn’t it, Miles? Being the sister of an entrepreneur. I started his online business with a Facebook page for Miles. It went viral and that made him even happier.”

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At each event, Miles said he learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship.

“Make sure you don’t give boiled ice cream to people and make sure you stay hydrated,” he said.

Miles’ next event is at noon on June 28 at Star Academy.

You can also follow him on Facebook to follow his story.

Miles said other individuals with special needs should look at SOS and start their own businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about SOS, click here.


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