A new Berea business offers recreational massage: a community voice


BEREA, Ohio — Soft lights. Silence. A little aromatherapy.

If your body and mind need to relax, Daniel Stephens, LMT, can help with a meditative massage.

“Some of my clients sleep on the table,” she said.

After working in a medical office in Olmsted Falls, Stevens opened her studio in a business incubator on West Bagley Road in January.

“It was time to try this myself,” she said.

She says that her interest in massage began as a child. When she was 5 years old, her father asked her to rub his back after a hard day at work. Then her brother asked for a scalp massage.

As she grew older, she improved her skills and enjoyed the sessions and her family appreciated the results. She enrolled at the Ohio Health Professions Institute.

“It was very intense,” Stephens said. Her teacher suggested she go into business, perhaps a franchise, and then become a teacher.

Since her family is from Berea, she worked with the city’s development office to find a place and set up a shop.

“Fun starts with the mind,” says Stephen. It is difficult for the body to relax if the mind is running wild.

Hence the quiet atmosphere of her studio. Stephens said she wanted to set the right mood. Sometimes customers need to talk a little, though.

She can give them a full body massage for 90 minutes – upper body, legs, whatever needs attention.

“We can be creative,” she said. “You can create your own thing.”

When her customers come in, she says, “How are you? what’s going on?

“You’ve probably had a stressful week. I let them get comfortable on the table and then they started having fun. Communication is key.

“My favorite is the legs,” Stephens said. “You’re on your feet all day. A foot massage is so relaxing.

His clients range from adults with arthritis to junior athletes. Some clients have pain that won’t go away easily, she said.

“But massage makes them work,” she added.

Stephen offers reflexology and is working on a Reiki certification.

Meditative Massage is open Monday through Saturday at 398 W. Bagley Road, Suite 20G. Look for the glass door that opens to her studio.

For more information or to schedule a session, go to meditativemassage.net or call 440-731-2123.


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