A path to business in fishing

Starting a business is not always easy. This is the case in the fishing world where there is a lot to know. In order to help young people in France to enter this old and important trade, the Committee of Fisheries and Marine Aquatic Resources of the Finistère region created fisheries routes with the funding of the European Union. This ‘one-stop shop’ helps young people find their way through the information and process, which complements the European Year of Skills.

Being new is not easy

Fishing routes project guides and informs newcomersAbout the profession All requirements for the professionIn fishingIncluding certain regulations, social aspects, maritime safety and education.

The initiative first saw the light in 2016-2017, when the Fisheries Committee used its own funds to support fishermen. Because of him Quick success, the fisheries committee needed more resources to support the project. With funding from the European Union, the Pathways project has grown. Now offers individually structured interviews that cover all the topics young fishermen need to know when starting a business.

The project will help those who want to establish a fishery business to navigate the administrative process of the fishing sector in a better way.

Solenn Le Guenec from the Committee on Fisheries and Marine Aquaculture speaks.

A detailed questionnaire will look at the angler’s personal history and professional experience, as well as the type of business they want to start, the licenses and vessels they need, and where they intend to fish. The process will help them Connect with local banks, accountants, training institutions and manufacturing companies.

The program gives new anglers a clear overview of where they are in their startup process and what they need to do next. They will also be given the support and training they need to be successful in the fisheries business.

Assisting in the regeneration of fisheries

This successful project has already helped. 100 people. 85% of them are successfully fishing Careers – Good success in addressing the issue of generational renewal in the fishing sector.

Other Regional Fisheries Committees have seen the success of the fishing lanes project in Finisterre and are interested in bringing it to their areas. It has been used to develop similar projects with the European Union funding body and to develop guidelines for promoting generation regeneration.

The guide is in the final stages of preparation, but keep an eye on the Comité Regionale des Peches Maritimes et des Elevages Mars de Bretagne (bretagne-peches.org). and Accueil – CDPMEM 29 – [Comité Départemental des Pêches – Finistère] (comitedespeches-finistere.fr) Where to publish.

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