A young Elk Grove boy has turned his love of logging into a business.


ELK GROVE – A young Elk Grove boy is turning his love of logging into a business.

At just 7 years old, Ryder Tolosano has paved the way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. After receiving an ax for his birthday, he started chopping wood for fun in his family’s backyard.

“I feel happy, I’m happy,” he told CBS13. “Also, just letting your dad help you chop wood is a goal.”

Ryder’s father, Kyle, is a firefighter with the US Forest Service. When Ryder expresses his interest in chopping wood, Kyle doesn’t object to the idea.

“It’s not a traditional thing you’d see a 7-year-old doing, so safety is important,” Dad said. “Understanding how to position yourself properly, have proper control and do it properly.”

Kyle said they went camping and Ryder had an idea to take some firewood home and sell it for money. Ryder’s idea was a success. Income poured in and that’s when Ryder’s Got Wood flourished.

He cuts. He wraps. He holds packages.

“It’s six or seven sticks and it’s $7 a pack,” Ryder said.

“What I thought was just helping my dad for a few minutes to make money, it turned into a hobby to understand the value of a dollar,” Kyle said.

After selling the first handful of packages, Ryder enjoyed the fruits of his labor. He bought a catcher’s mitt so he could play baseball—his true passion. He even admits that chopping wood helps him swing.

“It gives me more arm strength so I can hit the ball more,” he said.

The 7-year-old is looking forward to growing his business, but he’s also looking forward to his next big purchase.

“I just did it [Elk Grove] “Sweat Rats travel ball team and I want a white DeMarini baseball bat,” Ryder said.

If you’re interested, he’s selling the benefits on Instagram.


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