Adidas’ Yeezy Mes has become a billion-dollar nightmare for business.

Millions of unsold pairs of Yeezys sit in purgatory, stored in warehouses from the US to China. Sneakers—some look like turtleneck sweaters that fit your feet, others look like they’ve grown teeth on their soles or hardened into pillowy clouds—once sold at a few drops, often flipped. StockX and Goat, now seven months after the collapse of one of the biggest corporate meltdowns in history, await their fate. His wife, Adidas AG, until recently its most famous business partner, Kanye West, can’t decide what to do with all the merchandise that has been damaged by its creator. Now it goes by me. The total value of these sports shoes: about 1.3 billion dollars.

At Adidas headquarters, overlooking the medieval town of Herzogenracht, Germany, senior executives have been grappling with Yeezy’s inventory dilemma. They thought about peeling off the Yeezy logo from each sneaker one by one, but that would be too tedious. They intend to donate the goods to disaster-stricken countries such as Turkey and Syria, but this could lead to human trafficking. Burning them in the world’s biggest bonfire of hypebeasts is an environmental disaster, and cutting them into plastic bits so they can be reborn as grass is too complicated and less satisfying. The management finally decided when to start selling sports shoes Giving a portion of the income to charities. The first shoes will be available for purchase at the end of May.

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