Adopting technology to protect our beloved pets


Pet ownership has increased in recent years in India, with more than 31 million adorable companions, including dogs, cats and other adorable creatures. However, ensuring the safety and security of our beloved pets can pose significant challenges. Fortunately, technology has stepped in to provide innovative solutions, alleviating concerns and providing peace of mind to pet owners across the country.

As we delve into the latest technological trends that are changing pet welfare in India, it is important to acknowledge the remarkable growth in pet ownership due to the deep appreciation for the unwavering companionship and unconditional love that dogs, cats and other pets bring to our lives. In addition, the Indian constitution itself recognizes the right to own pets, giving citizens the freedom to choose a life with or without a furry companion. [Article 51(g)]. With this strong bond and legal recognition, it’s only natural for us to look for better ways to protect our pets. The number one fear for any pet owner is the possibility of losing their beloved companion, but thanks to modern technology, we now have many tools to prevent such a heartbreaking situation. Let’s examine these advances that have revolutionized pet safety.

  1. QR code ID tagsQR code based pet tags – a wonderful blend of visibility and convenience. These tags are easy to see, maintenance free, waterproof and lightweight. Your QR codes contain valuable information about your pet, allowing searchers to scan the code with their smartphones. In return, the pet owner receives the exact GPS location of their lost friend via SMS or email. With this technology, reconnections are just a scan.
  2. NFC Tags or PET: Pet Electronic Tag (PET), a waterproof and durable microchip affixed to your pet’s collar. PET combines NFC technology with encryption with a personalized 10-digit number stored in the chip. Any smartphone user can scan the tag, triggering an instant SMS text message to the pet parent. This seamless connection allows them to bond quickly, ensuring that a pet is never lost for long.
  3. GPS tracking for pets; The ultimate superpower in pet safety comes in the form of GPS trackers specifically designed for our furry friends. These devices offer a wide range of features including real-time monitoring, geo-fencing, track playback, water resistance, voice monitoring, SMS alerts and two-way communication. With GPS tracking, pet owners can keep an eye on their pets’ location and movements through smartphones, tablets or PCs. No more stress-filled searches – your pet’s location is just a tap away.
  4. Microchipping Traditional collars with tags are visible and practical and can easily be lost or removed. Insert microchips – tiny little heroes that are painlessly inserted under your pet’s skin. These tiny electronic chips, no bigger than a grain of rice, move when a scanner passes over them. The chip transmits a unique identification number, instantly revealing your pet’s owner details. With microchips, shelters and veterinary facilities can quickly identify lost pets and reunite them with their rescued owners.
  5. 24/7 security command stationMany pet safety services apps have revolutionized pet safety by introducing their innovative 24/7 Safety Ordering Station. This transformative feature allows pet owners to activate the command station by scanning a QR code, NFC tag, or enabling GPS tracking. Once activated, the command station will immediately notify security officers of the finder’s details. Dedicated professionals get to the finder quickly, ensuring quick contact between a lost pet and its grateful owner.

With these amazing technologies, pet safety has reached new heights. We no longer need to fear losing our loved ones. These innovations empower us to keep our pets vigilant, ensuring their safety and peace of mind. In a country where 1 in 3 pets die at least once in their lifetime, these technological advances are nothing short of miraculous. With approximately 6.2 crore stray dogs and 91 lakh street cats in India, using technology to protect and care for our pets is becoming increasingly important. The growing popularity of these tech-based solutions reflects the public’s willingness to embrace advanced methods and their commitment to protecting their pets.



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