After a car wreck, Tuiley’s business thankfully cleans up.


Tooele, Utah – The motto of Tooele Allstate Insurance Office is, “You’re in good hands,” and handles any type of customer call.

But now the owner, Debra Harris, is doing her own decluttering in her office. On Tuesday, she was busy cleaning her desk, which was pushed against the wall instead of in the middle of the room, and boxing up papers and binders. She looked at some electronics like a printer and scanner, wondering if they were still working.

Because a car drove by her office on Friday.

She kind of came here on a little diagonal where she hit my desk,” Harris said as she climbed up the outer wall and into the middle of the room where her desk sat. “Then he took it and entered the wall in this way.

At the time, Harris’ Allstate office was full, and she was meeting with an 86-year-old new client and the client’s grandson.

Typically, she said, the clients return to her office. But Harris decided to go out to the lobby instead to meet the grandmother and granddaughter and work with them.

That’s when the car drove through the windshield and passed where the three of them were sitting at her table.

A car entered the building of Tuale Insurance

“My doors were blown off and all my furniture here went into that office,” she said, pointing outside her office and toward the back of the building.

The car entered the storage room and hit the back wall. The chairs her customers were sitting on were thrown several feet.

“They weren’t 100% going to survive,” Harris said of the grandfather and grandson.

Everyone got out unharmed.

“I would never have met this woman, and I couldn’t stop hugging her and telling her how grateful I was to be safe,” Harris said.

She said she and employees of nearby businesses identified the driver and passenger, a couple. Police and paramedics arrived and took over the scene. Harris has since learned that both are safe, she said.

Harris recognizes that accidents happen with anyone.

“We were fine,” she said. “Everyone is fine.”

Everyone really feels that they are in good hands with someone. She is thankful for that.

“I feel like we’ve been protected,” she said. “In this situation, everything can happen in the right way.”


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