After an Emirates passenger peed on the seat twice, everyone else in business class refused to sleep.


After an Emirates passenger peed on the seat twice, everyone else in business class refused to sleep.

An Emirates passenger who used miles to upgrade to business class to fly from Dubai to Sydney reported that a man on the plane – part of a group of passengers crowded into the Airbus A380 bar at the back of the cabin – “drunkenly approached” her seat, thinking it was his. His traveling companion returned him to his seat, but he returned.

A member of the crew removed the man a second time, but he came back a third time and “untied his pants,” apparently preparing to search for number one. He “already peed on his own seat” and on the second seat in the cabin as well.

Emirates Airbus A380 business class bar

When he did this twice and tried it a third time, this woman – and probably all the other business class passengers – were too ‘awake’ to get any rest for the rest of the flight.

This guy completely ruined our business class trip and I didn’t get any sleep because I was afraid that if I closed my eyes, he would come back and pounce on me.

According to Emirates report

We are sorry to hear Ms. S’s complaint. Emirates takes the safety of its passengers seriously and our customer affairs team will be in direct contact to resolve the issue.

Emirates Airbus A380 business class

The man looks overused. He is not limited. The flight was not rescheduled. And the passenger was not contacted by law enforcement upon arrival.

The airline offered 60,000 Skyward Miles – half for the upgrades – and apologized after the passenger initially hit the British media for rejecting the 20,000-mile offer.

Last month, an American Airlines passenger was seated on a flight from New York to Delhi last month, and the month before that. In the year On November 26, a man reportedly urinated on a passenger on an Air India flight from New York JFK to Delhi.

It’s happened on several US carriers like American and other routes like JetBlue and United.

What is unique here is that a passenger usually only urinates in the cabin. at once Before being suspended or passed. They usually aren’t allowed to hang around, rekindle the interest, and settle a second time… let alone a third.

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