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The beginning of summer means shoes, leather jackets and vacation clothes for most people. It means the off season for the fashion world. During the weeks from early to mid-June, brands preview their pre-spring collections, which will be released later in the year, around October to December.

The season has historically been less important than spring-summer or autumn-winter collections, but brands are increasingly focusing on resort lines, using the collection as a marketing tool to create flashy moments, Marofia shows and V.I.P. He threw places instead of the usual fashion cities on the calendar (typically, New York, London, Milan and Paris). Case in point: Max Mara’s Resort ’24 show in Stockholm, Sweden, Carolina Herrera’s Rio de Janeiro outing or Louis Vuitton’s famous packed trip on Italy’s Lake Maggiore. come in Traditionally focused on the idea of ​​vacation clothes to support the spirit of the leisure collection.

In recent years, the concept of resort wear and resort collections has expanded from swimwear, kaftans, sandals and party wear to modern, versatile clothing, work-ready pieces and a more casual aesthetic.

The Resort ’24 collections were no different, with Fall ’24 echoing the trend towards abstraction, practicality and a bit of stoicism. On foot, that means walking down the party shoes (no crystals, sparkles, and just any long-spaced platform), and focusing on a few hand gestures.

Here, check out six fashion and footwear trends from Resort ’24.

1. The extended index finger

Chunky boots and sneakers have been around for a long time, and the platform has been a macro trend for a few years now. But Fall 24 brought a significant silhouette change to the pointed toe, and the Resort ’24 collections continued to set the bar as a new shape. At Balenciaga, the men’s Santiago leather boot with an elongated toe box, an exaggerated raised toe and, on closer inspection, a pointy square heel at the end, the Santiago leather boot is already making a big impact on the trendsetting scene. At Ferragamo, the extreme pointed toe is paired with stilettos, in patent black, and Proenza Schouler echoes the difference of the square-off point.

Salvatore Ferragamo Resort ’24.
Balenciaga Resort ’24.
Proenza Schouler Resort ’24.

2. Blazers and suits

Resort collections have long been considered authentic, such as swimwear, kaftans, shoes and other resort wear. But recently, the season has helped retailers fill inventory gaps with pieces that consumers want year-round. A category that’s totally getting back to rocking things, it includes blazers and suiting. Stella McCartney continues to bring new ideas to the traditional power suit, including a dress that seemed outdated a few years ago. In an off-white reimagining of boring black office wear, Gabriella Hearst presents a groovy-but-grown-up silhouette in a bell-bottom pantsuit.

Gabriela Hearst Resort ’24.
Stella McCartney Resort ’24.
LaPointe Resort ’24.

3. Western Deluxe

The return and recycling of the western boot is one of the biggest footwear trends of 2023. What started as a summer ’22 microtrend’ still seems to be flourishing in the Resort 24 collections, with designers and brands getting creative with traditionally rugged footwear for a more glam shot. Ghani continues to channel Europe’s obsession with American culture, reinterpreting western boots for a metallic space-cowgirl moment, while Balmain takes the boot to new heights, with thigh-highs featuring a graphic black and white western motif.

Balmain Resort ’24.
Gani Resort ’24.
Stella McCartney Resort ’24.

4. Black – and more black

Part of the return to functional wear is the rise of the look-me colors that have long dominated fashion driven by social media. Resort collections typically run more colorful or innovative, but the Resort ’24 collections continue to deliver a message of aesthetic simplicity. From Balenciaga to Zac Posen and everything in between, most of the collections included a visible amount of black looks.

Balenciaga Resort ’24.
Moschino Resort ’24.
Givenchy Resort ’24.

5. Floor cleaners

At the other end, designers are turning to white and cream as a palette cleanser from post-pandemic revenge clothing. From Brandon Maxwell and Khloé to Max Mara, TB and Tory Burch, the beauty is something for the closet tabula.

Chloé Resort ’24.
Brandon Maxwell Resort ’24.
Tory Burch Resort ’24.

6. Cat-heel sling back

With the return of the pointed toe, the kitten heeled slingback looks set to be the most wearable version of the shoe shape. Aknvas, Staudt and Zac Posen all featured kitten heels as a punctuation mark on mini dresses and lace-up lines.

Staud Resort ’24.
Aknvas Resort ’24.
Zac Posen Resort ’24.


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