Amid global health worker shortages, CGFNS convened a panel of experts to advise on next-generation solutions to facilitate global mobility for health workers.

Featured image for CGFNS International

Featured image for CGFNS International

Featured image for CGFNS International

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CGFNS, a leader in graduate assessment to support the health worker movement, has established an international advisory board to support the global health workforce shortage, accelerating the demand for internationally educated nurses in industrialized countries. Professionals to support the needs of the organization’s growing cadre of health professionals.

International Advisory Board on Mobility Pathways for Health Workers – Consisting of 11 expert leaders in health professional certification, e-learning systems and digital credential technologies – will be used to develop a vision and roadmap for certifying and promoting the knowledge-based practice of health professionals in the next four months. .

Given the recent trends identified in CGFNS Nurse Migration Report 2022: Trends in Healthcare Migration to the United StatesApplications through the organization VisaScreen® service The growing health professional shortage has more than doubled in the past five years as health systems struggle to fill vacancies. Meanwhile, BMJ Global Health In the year It is estimated that there will be a shortage of 15 million health professionals worldwide by 2020.

Given this shortage, many health systems are under pressure to accelerate recruitment and turn to internationally qualified health professionals who wish to migrate. At the same time, these highly technically skilled professionals must be properly assessed, qualified, and accredited to perform work critical to patient safety and quality of care.

“Increasing international mobility among nurses and other health professionals is very important to ensure that they can be hired wherever and whenever they want. Confirming the previous training and credentials of migrant nurses is a complex process that is very important for patient safety, but in nursing shortages. Faster, more efficient, more There is a growing need to make it safer and stronger against fraud,” said Peter Preziosi, president and CEO of CGFNS.

“Fortunately, new technologies and practical innovations offer the promise of globally available digital credentials or badges that are more secure and easily verifiable across borders,” Preziosi said. “Whether it’s manual verification of consents and transcripts or developing methods that assess knowledge online in both clinical and desktop settings, the challenge is to ensure these solutions raise the bar for quality of care and patient safety.”

“Driven by our commitment to standards, we need to move our industry towards further development and solutions as quickly as possible, and with our new advisory board we are bringing together the best minds from data assurance, edtech and digital innovation to help point the way on this very complex issue,” he added.

International Advisory Board on Mobility Pathways for Health Workers It meets three times in the middle of the year. It seeks ways to expand and support collaborative efforts to build a new framework for testing and certification solutions at the global level, thereby strengthening professional development and health systems around the world.

The members of the board are listed below. More information about them can be found at

  • Jay Cannon, Partner, Trinisys

  • Kathy Chappell, Senior VP, American Nurses Credentialing Center

  • Rina Desai, Principal/Owner, EigenX and Trifactor

  • Paul Diefenbach, Associate Professor, Drexel University Digital Media Department

  • Cynthia Johansson, Registrar and CEO, College of Nurses and Midwives of British Columbia

  • Briget Lumpkins, Business Development, Stax

  • Martin Lund, Founder and CTO, RSVP/SM Solutions

  • Jaylin Miller, Global Development Executive

  • Monique Morrow, Senior Architect, Synverse Technologies

  • Simone Ravaioli, Director, Parchment

  • Rolf Reinhardt, LinkedIn & International Council on Badges and Credentials

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