An El Paso business owner says he owes thousands of dollars on bills that don’t belong to him.


EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) – A local restaurant owner will have to pay $7,300 in El Paso water bills he says aren’t even mine.

Randy Garcia, owner of Chase’s Tasting in Northeast El Paso, told ABC-7 he’s been paying his water bill, but believes he’s been charged bills that should be other businesses.

“From my understanding, I’m getting it now, so they use one backflow and give water to three suites. They have two sets of meters on the left. And then the rest is my bill,” said Garcia.

Garcia said North Hills Crossing property managers did not provide him with a water meter.

“I didn’t get a straight answer from the property managers,” said Garcia, “I asked to continue my account number and to confirm that I have a bill. But what it means to me now is that they now have my account number to put the account on me.”

According to Garcia, El Paso Water told his wife they were paying for someone else’s mistake.

“El Paso Water has been in contact with Mr. Garcia and we understand his concerns,” El Paso Water said in a statement to ABC-7. We encourage anyone concerned about their account to raise them. We are more. Willingness to look into cases or create payment plans to help with affordability.

The water company wants customers to know they can file a claim by calling their claims department at 915-594-5522. However, if there is an attorney representing you, the claim must be filed through the City of El Paso.

Click here for more information about El Paso Water, including frequently asked questions.

Property managers for North Hills Crossing have not yet responded to a request for comment.


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