‘And just like that,’ the costume designer shared the inspiration behind the show’s fashion: ‘Women can wear anything.’


From wedding dresses to long trains, we can’t stop thinking about the fashion trends. And just like that Season two.

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Danny Santiago, one of the show’s costume designers, recently sat down for an exclusive interview And! News to share unusual details about fashion in the show’s second season. When discussing the cast—Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristen Davis (Charlotte)—Santiago says he swears by one fashion rule: They have to feel comfortable.

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“I don’t think we’ll wear them as they age,” Santiago told the newspaper. “Women can wear whatever they want at any age. I don’t think there are any rules except to feel good in what you wear.”

Santiago also explains how personal style develops over time, “As you get older, you get to know your body better, and you feel more comfortable with certain things that you know work better than others. You have more confidence in yourself and wear clothes that make you feel good.

He continued, “You dress for yourself rather than for someone else.

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Santiago also shared details about Miranda’s fashion in And just like that Season one and how it differs Sex and the City. “Miranda, the change with her is that she’s a lawyer, and now she’s back in school,” he said. “So, she was a little more casual. She went ahead and let her hair go naturally, and she was gray. So, we gave her a different palette than we normally see and had fun playing with that color.

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