Ariane’s Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel outlines the Web3 challenges facing the fashion industry

Translated by

Nicola Mira


January 26, 2023

The newest episode (in French) of the LuxurynsightXFashionNetwork podcast series is Pierre-Nicolas Herstel, CEO and founder of Ariani, a French conglomerate specializing in Web3 solutions.

Hurstel, a former president of US show organizer Eurovet and a lecturer at the French Fashion Institute, talks to French editor-in-chief Olivier Guyot on Fashion about the importance and challenges of digital transformation. Fashion and luxury sectors.

The Arianee consortium was co-founded by Horstel in February 2019 with Frédéric Montagnon, Julien Romanetto, Alexandre Cognard and Luc Jodet, and plans to attract fashion labels to the independent block chain.

In the year Since 2017, Hurstel has organized Remod – a series of conferences on sustainability challenges – to address “the main existential issues facing brands” and questions such as “how can we make better and more responsible products?” He knows the questions. and “Can we improve the sustainability of our value chain?”

“As brands aim to address the twin challenges of operating sustainably and developing an omnichannel strategy, I am confident that technology and innovation will enable them to achieve their goals and enjoy sustainable growth and continued success,” said Harstel. According to him, “Such innovations should be widely known [value] chain, from yarn [production] To the end user.

At first, these innovations were only a basis for implementation strategies, but according to Hurstel, “Now most of the accounts are entering, which are working on sustainability and traceability, because they know that environmental impact measurement and metrics will be mandatory, and digital product passports are coming.

Hurstel thinks fashion and luxury companies are better equipped to thrive in the Web3 digital ecosystem, but they still have a number of challenges to overcome.

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