Ashley Tisdale considers the difference between Sharpei and Gabriela

8. The sibling rivalry was as real off-screen as it was on-screen for Ashley and Lucas … at least in the beginning. “We weren’t close. We weren’t good friends … we hated each other,” Ashley admitted during a video she recorded with Lucas for her YouTube channel. Lucas added that the couple “did not get on their best foot” when they started shooting the first film, but eventually became close friends. How fabulous!

9. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Lucas revealed that he insists that Ryan’s sexuality be investigated early. “After reading the script, the first thing I said [Kenny Ortega] was, “Okay, Kenny, gay Ryan, right?” I know this is Disney Channel, so I’m not going to be gay, but I mean, yeah, right? And he’s like, “Well, think of it this way: You have the opportunity to play a young character, he’s in the theater, he’s an artist, and let’s look at it from that perspective,” Lucas explained. to me about my own life, and it was like, “I see a lot of myself in Ryan. Yes, I knew I was gay in high school, but I didn’t tell anyone. It was about making it real. “

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