Bans select US companies from doing business with China: Vivek Ramaswamy


In the year Vivek Ramaswamy, the Indian-American tech entrepreneur who announced last week that he will enter the 2024 US presidential race, made bold statements against US companies doing business with China.

The author of “Wok Inc” has said that if elected, conservative Republicans would ban all US companies doing business with China.

“I think it’s important to be honest. If we want to declare our independence from China, that means we have to be willing to block most American businesses from doing business in China until the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) falls, or until the CCP falls. It’s going to radically adjust itself. Because that band- There is no other easy way than to take help and tear immediately,” he said.

In addition, Ramaswamy proposed disruptive proposals to dismantle the Department of Education with the FBI.

“I already said last week, the first agency we’re going to shut down in the United States is the U.S. Department of Education. It has no reason to exist. It shouldn’t exist.

“And today, I’m ready to announce the second government agency I’m closing in this country. We should have done this at least 60 years ago. It’s hurt Republicans and Democrats alike. We’re finally going to do it.” “We’re done with the Edgar Hoover legacy,” he said.

“Today’s Declaration of Independence is our declaration of independence from China. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, this is the Declaration of Independence he would sign. If elected as the next president, this is the Declaration of Independence I would sign.” said the 37-year-old.

Ramaswamy made the announcement in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – the Republican Party’s top annual event and support base.

He went on to praise former US President Donald Trump and said, “At the age of 76, he was inspired by former President Donald Trump and his first look at America.” He added that now is the time to identify the problems and work hard.

“America today is in the grip of three world religions,” Ramaswamy said in his 18-minute speech.

The first is this “active race religion” where a person’s identity is based on the color of their skin. “If you’re black, you’re inherently disadvantaged. If you’re white, you’re inherently privileged, regardless of your economic background or upbringing. Your race determines who you are and what you can achieve in life,” he said.

This, combined with the “second world religion” that has created “this new culture of fear in America” ​​that says “the sex of the person you are attracted to must be stronger the day you were born” is your own biological sex. Completely fluid in your life.

Ramaswamy said, “Unless it is religion, it has no meaning. It is not compatible with rationality, it is related to religion. Then it acts the same as the original religion.”

The third is America’s climate religion: “While we should be fighting carbon emissions in America at all costs, we’re shifting those carbon emissions to places like China, which, despite your belief in this religion, has embraced nuclear power, the best carbon-free energy source known to mankind.”

He said that America is in a crisis of national identity.

Ramaswamy says they are all on the “America First” agenda. “Believe me, I’m America’s first conservative. I’m not apologizing for this. But to put America first, we need to rediscover what America is. And that’s why I announced last week that I’m running for president of the United States. We’ve lost our identity in this country,” he said.

“It means you believe in meritocracy. You’re judged in this country not by the color of your skin, but by the substance of your character and your contributions. And that’s why I’ve pledged to become president of the United States. Get rid of affirmative action in this country once and for all. It’s a national cancer on our souls.”

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