Best Buy is pushing deeper into healthcare with the ‘Home Hospital’ partnership


Best Buy is partnering with a major US health care system to develop new health care services and products to develop a “new hospital at home offering.”

Buy the best health He announced the partnership on Tuesday with atrium healthIt is part of one of the country’s largest hospital operators to “improve hospital-level care at home.” Atrium It closed its merger with Advocate Aurora Health in December. To form Advocate Health, the nation’s fifth largest health care system, operating 67 hospitals and more than 1,000 care sites in six states.

“The goal of the partnership is to enable providers to deliver high-quality care to patients in their own homes while helping to reduce the emotional and financial burdens on patients and caregivers,” the companies said.

Best Buy said the partnership leverages Atrim Health’s expertise as a telehealth provider, which includes a “well-established in-house hospital.” Based in Charlotte, NC, Atrium originally launched the hospital’s in-home program during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as a “remedial inpatient surgery.” Since then, Atrium has “evolved its program to care for conditions such as heart, COPD, pneumonia, asthma, various infections and other medical and post-surgical conditions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the retailer says the Buy Best Health division will work to improve patient education and “use technology in-house with specially trained Geek Squad agents to help with logistics and technical support.”

It’s a close push for Best Buy healthcare services and products. Last year, Best Buy introduced the sale of hearing aids As part of the so-called “New Experience of Hearing Aids,” an expanded collection of such devices, as well as an “in-store experience in more than 300 stores, and new Online hearing assessment toolHe said. And in 2021, Best Buy acquired Current Health, a technology platform that includes remote patient monitoring.

“Best Buy Health is leveraging the strengths of the Best Buy Enterprise and focusing on three key areas to enable home care for everyone: home safety, home aging and home care,” said Deborah Di Sanzo, president of Best Buy Health.

In partnership with Atrium Health, Best Buy is entering hospice care at home with several established partners offering hospice care at home programs in the United States.

Boston-based technology company Medical Home, For example, he died last year More than $100 million in investment from medical products giant Baxter International, Cardinal Health and Global Medical Response to advance a new health care delivery model that brings “superior care” traditionally found in hospitals into patients’ homes. The Medical Home platform is used in 20 states with health care systems including Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente.

Neither Best Buy nor Atrium Health would disclose the financial terms of their partnership, but those involved said there would be additional investments in the idea to scale up the system.

“We’ve combined our omnichannel, geek team, care centers and current health services to enable care,” Di Sanzo said. “At scale, no other company has a more comprehensive combination of resources that, when combined, transform consumers’ lives and enable them to heal in their own homes around the people and things they love most. Those strengths, combined with Atrium Health’s extensive clinical expertise and deep experience leading in virtual care, are poised to improve and enable home care for everyone.” They help us.

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