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Monday, Monday – He can’t believe that day. I’m Diamond Naga Siu, and sometimes I can’t believe my own facial recognition skills.

But I’ll definitely stop dying if I recognize an ex-partner somewhere. That’s what the designer of this outfit is all about. Except he apparently recognized his ex, the FBI’s viral tweet about her alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riots. Aik

On that note, let’s dive into today’s technology – starting with the obituary for the Metaverse.

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1. RIP Metaverse. After a few short years of hype, the Metaverse is already headed for the graveyard of failed tech ideas. Even after Mark Zuckerberg threw the power of the trillion-dollar company behind him, Metaverse couldn’t survive a fatal flaw: the lack of a unified vision.

  • According to Zuckerberg, Metaverse was supposed to be the next evolution of the Internet and our technological life. And the dramatic announcement that Facebook is changing its name to Meta has led to a surge in interest – from other tech giants like Microsoft, analysts, developers, crypto bros and more. But the Metavas’ actual performance consistently fell short of these sky-high expectations.
  • And now, with the addition of generative AI, everyone has moved and even Zook is done with the technology. He went from talking about it non-stop (as recently as April 2022) to now mentioning it.
  • The writing was always on the wall, Ed Zitron writes for Insider. But the rise and fall of MetaVas can teach us some important lessons about the tech industry as a whole.

Jump into Metaver’s obituary here.

In other news:

Courtesy of Jennifer Clare Ball

2. ‘I asked chatgpty to be my personal stylist.’ Jennifer Clare Ball asked the chatbot to help her with her hair and outfits for a variety of events: family dinners, date nights, and more. The result was surprising. Check out the fashion comparison here.

3. Tech CEOs are hitting on employees. Everything everywhere all at once. End remote work. Conduct mass reduction. Withdrawing work benefits. How far can the workers go before they revolt? Jump in here.

4. From Side Noise to Mainstream: Operating ATMs. This ATM entrepreneur shares how he started his business and made $12 million in three years. See how to cash in here. Bonus: This millennial has tested various side hustles and discovered which ones make money the fastest.

5. All tech companies mention AI in their layoff announcements. The rise of discounts and AI happened at the same time. Many major tech companies like Google and IBM have mentioned AI in their layoff announcements. Find the full list of companies that have done the same here.

6. Employee dies after falling from the 14th floor of Google’s NYC headquarters. The 31-year-old senior software engineer collapsed on Thursday night. Google told Insider that it is offering grief counselors to employees. More about the situation here.

7. A night in one of the most desirable Airbnbs. My colleague Joey Haden spent the night at the Great Smoky Mountain home. It cost $400 a night, and she said it was worth the stay just for the spectacular views. Check out this cozy two-story cabin here.

8. New 2010 Tesla Roadsters for sale. Only about 2,500 Roadsters — Tesla’s first model — were ever made. But three new vehicles were recently discovered in an abandoned shipping container and are now being auctioned off. Drive here for details.

Odds and Ends:

the nomads; apple Insider

9. Best bands for The ‘difficult’ Apple Watch Ultra. There are many bands for every owner’s demanding needs: running, surfing, kayaking and more. Insider’s fitness technology editor highlights the best of a variety of materials, styles and brands. See them all here.

10. A pizza oven adds value to your home. Homes sell for an average of 3.7% more if they have one. In addition, this device generally adds more value than it costs. Find this real estate trend here.

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