BLK DNM shows the fashion related to blockchain integration


TL;DR: BLK DNM has launched BLK DNM Society, the first-ever connected fashion initiative to integrate blockchain-powered hardware and software into its clothing. Each item takes on a unique identity, providing responsible behavior and brand impact to owners. The digital clothing IDs authenticate, record history and eliminate counterfeiting. BLK DNM Society creates a community of owners who have a say in brand decisions, decentralizing fashion stewardship. The technology will initially be installed in leather goods and will be revealed at the BLK DNM FW event in Paris. This new approach aims to change the relationship between customers, apparel and brands.

Clothing meets technology.

Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM BLK has launched the DNM Society, the first example of connected fashion by integrating blockchain-powered hardware and software into its products.

The BLK DNM community gives each garment a unique and recordable identity in the physical and virtual worlds, rewarding ethical behavior and providing brand impact to owners.

The technology includes “digital garment ID” microchips that authenticate garments as genuine, eliminate counterfeiting, reward responsible behaviors such as long-term care of garments, and record the unique history of each garment.

The digital clothing IDs will be revealed at the BLK DNM FW event in Paris, for the first collection they will be included in leather goods, subsequent collections will introduce additional items with embedded blockchain-enabled hardware to the BLK DNM Society.

The BLK DNM Society is a community where BLK DNM owners are connected through their physical items, rewarded for responsible behaviors, and empowered to vote on key brand decisions based on item ownership, thereby decentralizing fashion brand management.

Each digital garment ID creates a “digital mirror” of the physical garment in the virtual world where its history and place within the BLK DNM Society is recorded. This virtual reflection can be worn in the metaverse for younger generations for whom identities in virtual worlds are important.

BLK DNM aims to transform the way people interact with the clothes they wear and the brands they buy, extending the customer relationship beyond the checkout and making each garment a piece of history in progress.

Henrik Hjelte, CEO and co-founder ChromewayThe blockchain innovation behind the technology reveals that it is moving forward and has a major foundation for the fashion industry.

BLK DNM CEO Tony Collin emphasizes the brand’s philosophy of community.

By incorporating intelligence into every item, BLK DNM hopes to inspire the industry to embrace connected fashion for the better.

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