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Dear Editor,

A chance comment from a nurse made me think of a propaganda pamphlet I wrote a while back. “Should Group Health Insurance be Banned Now? Here’s why!” I call in it “Informed, open and free debate”. On group health insurance objectives, operations and results. This is because group health insurance is an insidious sham product.

Businessmen understandably turned down group health insurance when it was offered to them by a crackpot university professor. why? Well, imagine if employers paying $1,000 a month for group automobile benefits today in 2023 proposed something like $100 or more a month in out-of-pocket costs for luxury SUVs. Does that sound crazy or what?

Then, in May 1943, a surprising combination of circumstances changed the minds of the traders and led them to deliberately bankroll the group’s health for political reasons. Congress has never officially investigated these factors or those political factors. You’d think the decision by many, but not all, businesses to voluntarily impose a potentially devastating excise tax on their own power would raise eyebrows in Congress. They didn’t. They must have.

Why point to group health concerns, a $1 trillion industry? Well, at least there is nominal First Amendment freedom, I guess. Also, I have a pet theory; In the early 1960s, a field unit officer with the right skills and true commitment could speak to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson about Vietnam and possibly change America’s war commitment in Vietnam for good. I may be wrong on this one. I still love someone’s disapproval.

Block group health insurance now. why? Because it’s not American.


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