Booth Allen has invested in C-UAS tech

Booz Allen Hamilton’s corporate venture capital arm, Booz Allen Ventures LLC, is privately held in Inc. – Intervention areas. The stealth phase uses next-generation radio frequency (RF) sensing technology to support multi-domain situational awareness and anti-UAS missions.

This is Booz Allen Ventures’ first investment in calendar year 2023 and aligns with the company’s Digital Battlespace platform, which is focused on advancing new technologies and operational concepts for the company’s global defense clients.

“The ongoing conflict in Ukraine demonstrates the value of UAS technologies and asymmetric information in modern warfare,” said Steve Escavage, CEO of Booz Allen and head of the firm’s Digital Battlespace Platform. “Investments in companies like Stealth Level will accelerate our ability to bring new insights to the anti-UAS mission, expanding the decision-making potential of our nation’s warfighters.

Current and future war domains require new c-UAS capabilities developed at the stealth level, whose pilots can detect and track low-altitude airborne threats with adaptive RF signal detection techniques, increasing airspace situational awareness and informing recovery opportunities.

“We are excited about the path forward with Booz Allen to support DOD missions and provide critical insights to our Soldiers,” said Jeff Cole, CEO and Co-Founder of Covert Level. “The investment from Booz Allen Ventures is a natural extension of our deep technology business combined with the expertise of Booz Allen’s mission. Booz Allen understands the technology needed to support warfighters, and plays a critical role on both sides of the spectrum, strategically and strategically supporting DOD to achieve covert-level decision dominance.

Booz Allen’s $100 million corporate venture capital arm demonstrates its strategic dual-use, commitment to investing in commercial technologies and delivering disruptive technology to federal customers’ mission-critical operations. Aligned with client needs and the company’s VOLTE (velocity, leadership, technology) growth strategy, Bose Allen Ventures invests in early-stage companies and technologies in four key areas of interest: defense, artificial intelligence/machine learning, cybersecurity, and emerging/deep. Technology. Booz Allen’s previous venture investments include Latent AI, Synthetaic and Reveal Technology.

“In an ever-changing geopolitical climate, it’s critical for our clients to advance technology and empower warfighters with the tools and information they need,” said Travis Balls, president and CEO of Booz Allen Ventures. Former army officer. “We are excited about the work Booz Allen and Hidden Level are doing to accelerate innovation and improve mission-critical technology to meet the needs of our defense customers.”

Boaz Allen of A combination of government technology and servicesA non-profit organization for government contractors in the homeland security market.

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