‘Borealis’ lights, temperature sensors and more: ‘SerendiCity’ festival brings multi-sensor art technology to Hong Kong – YP

Have you ever wondered what art would become when combined with technology and data? Are you looking for some peace in your daily life?

From now until March 5, head to the West Kowloon Cultural District for the “Serendicity” media arts festival, an avant-garde multi-sensory experience that evokes and reflects people, technology and the urban environment.

Taking place indoors, outdoors and online, it features large-scale immersive installations, interactive creations, performances, games and web series.

Borealis, art park

Created by Swiss artist Dan Acher, “Borealis” is designed to mimic the spectacular northern lights near the Arctic Circle. Photo: Sam Tsang

For most of you cruise shippers, seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle is probably a must-do on your bucket list. Now, Swiss artist Dan Acher has brought the natural wonder to Hong Kong with a large outdoor art installation.

Every night from 1 pm to 10 pm, the lights projected on the night sky change with the weather and the natural environment, making each visit different. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with the Hong Kong skyline as your background.

Biometric Theater, Xiqu Center

The collection, which consists of seven works by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, focuses on using the information and interaction from visitors to create beautiful art that reflects humanity.

“The artwork depends on people for its content,” the artist said.

Heartbeat topologyAsia’s premiere, it senses the visitors’ pulse and interprets it with a wave of stellar light through thousands of light bulbs and sound effects. Temperature slider It captures the temperature distribution with a thermal camera and displays colorful blue, red and yellow dots along with the image of visitors.

“Thermal Drift” relies on the temperature of visitors to display its colorful paintings. Photo: Dixon Lee

Surface tension It is a 31-year-old piece programmed by Lozano-Hemmer. Visitors can see it from different angles, but the media art project follows your direction wherever you go.

Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer created “Surface Tension” in 1992. Photo: Dixon Lee

Online view of the world of art

In addition to the virtual web programs of Hong Kong and overseas artists featured at the festival, you can explore the art-tech world online.

Chili Howard Temple Street OrchestraFor example, it can be accessed through a mobile application. The artwork is inspired by the experiences of visitors to the famous Temple Street neighborhood.

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