Bringing fashion to health: introducing infrared active fabrics


Functional textiles and technical textiles are nothing new, but clothing that converts your own body heat into infrared energy and returns the benefits to the wearer is the future. But it is a reality today thanks to Celtant’s performance textile.

Celient, used by brands including Under Armor and Levi’s, embeds natural, thermoactive minerals into yarns or prints them onto fabrics that can be used in any clothing product. These minerals convert the wearer’s natural body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy, which is reflected back into the body, even through different layers of fabric, causing the body’s tissues and muscles to absorb.

It claims to improve circulation and cellular oxygenation, helping Celient say it can provide stronger performance, faster cell recovery and better sleep – evidenced by 10 peer-reviewed, published papers and clinical studies. Celient fabrics offer heat-adjusting, quick-drying and anti-odor benefits.

Celient’s new product innovation is a partnership with recycled performance-fibre specialist Repreve. This latest partnership satisfies consumer demand for more sustainable fabrics, marrying fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste with Celient Infrared technology.

Seth Kasden, CEO of Celient

Drapers caught up with Celiant CEO Seth Kasden to learn more about the smart fabric and its place in the fashion industry and performance apparel.

What is Celient and how does it work?

Celient has infrared technology incorporated into the fabric to help maximize body absorption. By harnessing your body’s natural energy, Celient can increase local circulation. The most interesting thing is that the benefits are achieved by the wearer without any effort and there are no harmful side effects.

What are the benefits?

For those who use the products, the benefits of increased blood flow lead to improved performance, faster recovery and more restful sleep, as well as helping to regulate your body temperature.

For brands and retailers who work with us, Celliant provides an opportunity to differentiate themselves in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Fashion businesses are asked to offer products that exceed the expectations of their normal use. Users of Celient can use it as a springboard to promote health and wellness features in products where these benefits are not available.

How are these benefits proven, such as improving local circulation and cellular oxygenation?

We’ve proven the benefits of Celient in 10 peer-reviewed, published papers. Our largest clinical study in 153 people showed an average increase in tissue oxygenation of more than 8% after 90 minutes.

Celient: How it works

Our testing department has performed over 1,000 tissue oxygenation tests on partner fabrics to ensure the final product performs as intended. We will continue to invest in further research to further prove the benefits of infrared textiles.

Red light and infrared treatments are in vogue in the broader wellness movement, especially in the beauty space. Why is this happening now?

The benefits of infrared-emitting bio-ceramics have been recognized and understood by many people for thousands of years. However, the science needed to conclusively establish its benefits is only now beginning to gain attention in published studies. We believe the adoption and use of infrared will only accelerate as more brands adopt the technology.

In a post-pandemic environment, there is a renewed emphasis and focus on health, and products that promote a healthy lifestyle are in demand. Celient is arguably the easiest point of entry into light therapy, as the user can easily experience the benefits by being in or around the products it contains.

How can infrared and salient be used in a fashion setting?

Infrared and Celient can be used to enhance product offerings with a point of differentiation. As the fashion market is so competitive and crowded, it forces brands to innovate and differentiate themselves.

Now, you’ll find Celient with German bodywear company May as an upscale sleepwear and essentials item for men and women. At Aeon, Japan’s largest retailer, we always have green clothing. We have worked on special projects for brands such as Palm Angels, Calvin Klein and Lewis.

Celient is especially suitable for sports and activewear – a very successful fashion category. Tell us why.

As an athlete myself, I find the benefits of Celient especially useful when participating in triathlons, or going out to surf or swim. So we spent a lot of time targeting sports and activewear in our early days.

Celient is used in Under Armour’s UA Rush collection. We manufacture Xcel wetsuit technology, including those worn by US Navy Seals. We have long-standing partnerships with sports and outdoor brands Kymira, Oxeego and Tecnica and are looking forward to launching new products with sporting goods retailer Dictalon later this year.

They also offer more sustainable options. Tell us about these.

Celient is our newest solution from Repreve, developed in partnership with Unifi. In addition to the sports brands we carry, Celient is also used in many mattress and bedding products. Both the sleep and sports industries rely heavily on virgin polyester, a fact that none of us are particularly comfortable with, but it’s hard to avoid completely overnight. By working with Repreve, we felt we could offer our customers a high-quality alternative to virgin polyester with a superior recycled poly alternative. Using its proprietary regeneration technology, Repreve converts more than 35 billion plastic bottles into recycled fibers to provide improved comfort, optimal performance and superior durability.


We also work with Kelheim Fibers in Germany to develop Selient Viscose – the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared solution for those looking for an alternative to synthetic fibers.

Salient Viscose blends cotton, micro modal, lyocell, wool – including cashmere – and other fibers, so it lends itself well to fashion brands. Celient Viscose is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or Forest Certification Program, which ensures that its raw materials come from sustainably managed sources.

What’s next for Celient?

In the year We plan to announce exciting new partnerships and products in 2023. You can also find us at many textile and apparel trade shows, including performance days. [in Munich]Espoo Munich and Functional Textile Fair [in the US].

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